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IQ-501 intelligent quality optimizer

Jul 26, 2018 3:23:00 PM / by

There's a saying never time to do it right but always have time to do it over.

Today that saying is still very true. It is harder these days to find specialized digital press operators. With unemployment at record lows the pool of industry specialists is much smaller, making time that much more important in a print shop. Time is one of the most important attributes to turning paper into profit for a print shop. With a smaller job market and less skilled workforce it is important to turn our attention to how much time jobs are taking to properly prepare on your digital press.

Each sheet of paper equals profit so the goal here is lessen the waste and keep work flowing. Typically if you operator lacks experience, jobs often can take longer, produce more waste, let alone be bounced completely. All of these factors play a major role in the bottom line.



At the start of every day we have to calibrate equipment. The goal is to get each sheet of paper in a job run look exactly the same. So if my first sheet has PMS 185 red let alone Coca Cola Red you want the 5000th sheet to show the same on a spectrometer. Also it takes time to make sure the paper is feeding with proper rotation and skew. All these adjustments need to be right before you can print your first dollar of the day. If you look at it from a business standpoint the first 30 minutes of most days is a loss. You are paying an operator and staff to prep the paper and calibrate the equipment.

The operators today have to work around many obstacles when a job is released to the printer. Each stock of paper for each job has to be considered for a run as the commercial printer needs to be calibrated to make sure the device knows how to handle different paper weights and gloss stocks. This takes time also you need to test some of your more expensive stocks to make sure your job prints correctly.

You also have to account for images front and back registration a skew. If the image does not print on the paper in a correct manor then the job needs to be redone. Density , balance, and graduation are even more adjustments and fine tuning that need to be considered before the job is finished.  This takes many sheets of paper and time from at the start of each job. If one of these is missed the final product may not me customer or approved or more importantly you may lose the customer due to unsatisfactory work.



The IQ-501 intelligent quality optimizer is the latest profit saver from Konica Minolta. The IQ-501 is an accessory available with the latest Accurio Press commercial print devices. This latest advancement achieves more high accuracy jobs in shorter time and is sure to help with customer satisfaction and retention

The IQ-501 is a game changer and is sure to drive profitability and reduce many steps in your calibration of your Konica Minolta commercial printing device. The inline Closed loop system will allow your operator to…

  • Continuously and automatically adjust and maintain color and registration
  • Automatic print read targets and send information back to the print engine for a smooth run
  • Adjust front to back registration
  • Control density balance
  • G7 calibration 

Al of this happens with one touch of a button. The IQ-501 is your Spectrophotometer and your alignment eyes. There two scanners working together inside to read output and maintain calibration. The built in spectrophotometer along with the scanners communicate with the engine to make real-time adjustments.

This advancement in technology will provide more uptime for your device and greater productivity. More sellable sheets in less time will provide your shop with more profits and better customer retention. There is no longer a need for highly trained skills and time consuming color management and alignment issue.


Matt Kenny

Written by Matt Kenny

Matt Kenny is a Document Management Solutions Expert, helping clients turn their paper processes into digital workflows. He works for Phillips at our Hunt Valley, Maryland office.

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