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3 Ways a business owner finds out the copier is about to go?

Apr 6, 2018 12:04:21 PM / by

Last March my wife and I were discussing the eventual replacement of the tires on her car.  I said the tires are in good shape and winter is almost over, there still is a decent amount of tread left, and we should get them in the fall when they are on sale.  A few weeks later we had a 22” of snow and she slid off the road….

I didn’t hear the end of that for a while.  Fortunately for me I had a good local tire company that I trusted and gave me a good deal.   

We all tend to try and get extra life out of products that we own.  How many of you have tried to get another season out of an old car, and the transmission fails or it needs $800 in repairs?  Even if machines are well maintained, there will come a point where it can’t be repaired.   Plastic components eventually crack with age and then fail.  The most expensive product or service is when you desperately need it.  When your panic buying, many people over pay and/or don’t get the right product that suits their needs.  Panic buying is always EXPENSIVE!  We all have paid more than we should have for a product or service in a time of desperation. The best strategy is plan on replacing items (in my case tires before winter) periodically.

Are you using duct tape to hold your printer together

What signs should you look for that your copier is going to have a catastrophic failure? 

Duct Tape or other Office Fixes:

The office staff is creating “hacks” to get around features that don’t work anymore.  Are they talking nicely to the copier?  Kicking it? Offering prayer before they press the green button?  Using paper clips, tape to hold together parts of the machine?  Buttons no longer work? Yup it’s time to replace it. Seriously, parts of the machine are starting to fail, other more critical parts may follow shortly.

It’s making un-natural noises:

Wheezing is never a good sign...  Machines use motors, belts, gears and other moving parts.  If it didn’t make those noises a few years ago, it’s a sign that something is about to go. 

Overflow and Overworked:

Recently there is a line at the copier. A few years ago there wasn’t. This is an indication that your business may have outgrown your old copier.  Don’t believe the stories about paperless office, there is more paperwork than before.

Murphy’s Law- You’re entering the busy season for your business.  This will be the most likely time that it fails. Why?  Because when you need it most, is when it fails (and you’re using it the hardest). 

Here is how I can help. Don’t wait till your copier/printer dies.  Here’s a good reason to meet periodically with your Phillips Office Solutions representative.   Technology changes, the way you run your business evolves. Are your information systems evolving the way your business is changing? Do you do more paperwork?  Are parts and support still available from the manufacture?  Don’t know how old your copier is?  Check the counter, or give us a call.  If the machine is exhibiting any of the above signs, give us a call.

It is always good to periodically review the changes in your business and how you use documents (both paper and electronic).  Reviewing your office technology periodically will save you money and time in the long run. The technology in your office changes. Circumstances change.  There are many solutions that can help you.  Pardon my sense of humor, I have been doing this for 30 years and have seen a lot.  I don’t take myself too seriously, but I take how you operate your business very much so.  Drop me a note if you have a question, or want to share a story (hopefully not about tires!)

Michael Freedman

Written by Michael Freedman

I have been helping people with office products for 30 years. My most recently I was one of the principals of NCDS which was purchased by Phillips Office Solutions in December 2016. I enjoy helping businesses run more efficiently.

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