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The 3rd Building Block of Enterprise Content Management

Apr 15, 2016 3:34:55 PM / by

access.jpg Access Your Content Easily, From Anywhere

In previous blog posts, we discussed the six building blocks of ECM, specifically, the concepts of capture and process. Capture focuses on importing information and data into an ECM system, while process is the automatic processing of business workflows within the ECM environment. Access is the third building block of ECM.

Much like the capture building block all ECM implementations should provide a robust set of tools to allow users on all levels to access the data they need to complete their business tasks. These tools should be easy to use and present only the information a user has permission to access in a concise and uncluttered manner.

Two Methods to Access Critical Business Information with an ECM System:

Mobile Access - Accessing critical business data was originally straight forward and very simple, essentially it was limited by technology. Early solutions tended to be P.C. and networked based. A knowledge worker had to have some understanding of the information needed in order to locate and “pull” it out of the system. As ECM matured and technology advanced, the task of accessing information has changed significantly. In today’s business world we access our data through smart phones and tablets, as well as the traditional networked P.C. As technology continues to advance not only have access device choices continued to grow but the need for new access security has simultaneously expanded. The convenience and access to critical business data through our mobile devices has pushed the advancement of sound mobile data security as well.

Application Enabler - The ability to access business data from existing, non ECM, system environments within an enterprise also falls under the access building block. Giving a worker the ability to access critical business data from an existing ERP or HRS system provides an organization with a simple and extremely productive way to access their data. This process requires little, if any, training of the knowledge worker who is already an expert with their existing system environment. In addition this tool will significantly reduce the time needed for user adoption as there is very little change impacting the user.

As noted by OnBase by Hyland, the whole point of having an ECM system is so that you can access your content quickly and easily.

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Chuck Chiara

Written by Chuck Chiara

M.I.T., CDIA+ - Currently Director of ECM Technologies with Phillips Office Solutions. A veteran of over 20 years in the information management and ECM industries with firsthand experience in business analysis, solutions architecture, client engagement and project management. During my career I have managed the conversion of millions of paper documents, and have overseen hundreds of business process improvement projects.

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