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The 4th Building Block of Enterprise Content Management

Apr 26, 2016 10:42:41 AM / by

The 4th Building Block of Enterprise Content Management

Measure Your Business Processes

measure.jpgGathering data and statistics is a vital component of business. In order to measure and evaluate performance, it is critical to manage workload and evaluate actual performance vs. metrics and goals. Today, we have apps and software to consolidate vast amounts of information and present that information instantly in many easy to comprehend formats. This enables us to make appropriate business decisions based on facts and real-time data. Furthermore, corporations are now paying high salaries for individuals to conduct statistical analysis and synthesize data in order to increase competitive advantage.

So does it make sense to for your organization to have a real-time, birds-eye view into the status and performance of your processes and people?

The fourth component of an effective Enterprise Content Management system is the ability to measure information and activity within your system.




Here are 5 ways the ECM building block of Measure can enhance your business operations:

  1. Monitor your business processes in real-time without involving IT or database administrators. This will allow managers to make timely decisions, eliminate bottlenecks and receive notifications, if thresholds or metrics are not being met.
  1. Manage and measure from anywhere. You will have the ability to access and analyze business processes via mobile devices or a workstation.
  1. Audit your business process. Is there a document missing or expired? Is there a task that needs finalized to complete an order? Receive notifications to keep your processes moving forward.
  1. Report via comprehensive reporting tools as well as charts and graphs to provide accurate data, metrics, process status and outcomes without burdening IT for reports.
  1. Analyze the data in your own way. A quick overview is convenient, but sometimes a deeper analysis is required. OnBase by Hyland can export data to Excel for thorough analysis.

The captain of a ship must lead their crew by monitoring the course and direction while adjusting course as challenges arise.   Don’t allow your business to go off course. Measure, analyze and manage to keep your organization moving in the right direction.


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Andrew Otterson

Written by Andrew Otterson

Currently an ECM Solutions Architect with Phillips Office Solutions of Middletown, PA. A 10 year veteran of the office equipment and solutions industry with a keen focus for process improvement, analysis and an inclination for the details. A native Pittsburgher, husband, father of two, soccer enthusiast and outdoorsman

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