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5 Reasons Legal Firms should switch to a Fax Service

Jun 26, 2018 11:22:00 AM / by

Where faxing documents has fallen away within some industries; the legal vertical continues to be a fax-centric marketplace. Faxes are considered admissible in the court of law, similar to a written letter. Therefore, the importance of sending and receiving faxes in a timely and secure manner is critical to the legal field. Documentation such as fax transmissions must also be tracked for billable purposes. And of course, the security of the information transmitted in a fax is also very important. These are areas that need to be addressed as law firms’ grapple with the use of paper-based faxing.Fax Tracking Screen

Traditional paper-based faxing is a labor-intensive process; requiring someone to distribute the documents, file the documents and/or copy and scan the documents to another person(s). All the while, the document’s confidential information is not maintained in a secure manner.

Let’s address each of these potential areas of concern and how they can be alleviated through the use of a cloud-based fax service.

  1. Let’s make your confidential faxes more secure – Faxes that are transmitted to a stand-alone fax machine or a fax-enabled multi-function printer (MFP) can remain sitting on the device completely unsecured with confidential information available to anyone that walks by. With a cloud fax service, incoming faxes can be sent directly to an email address(es) or folder, thereby ‘locking down’ the faxes so only you have access to the information.

  2. Reduce the cost of faxing – The cost of an analog line for faxing capabilities can be anywhere between $30.00 and $50.00 per line per month. In addition, you need to keep the fax line maintained and in good working order with your phone company. With a cloud fax service, you can eliminate the analog line and the need for phone maintenance on the line. In addition, it will no longer be necessary to purchase a fax board for your MFPs or stand-alone fax machines. You can simply use the MFP’s network connection to send and receive your faxes as internet transmissions.

  3. Utilize a key resource in your office – There is no need to purchase additional hardware or a fax board for your MFP. If you already own or lease an MFP, this can be the “on-ramp” toward accessing your faxes through the internet fax service.

  4. Fast, reliable fax routing – How often do you have to take time to search for missing faxes taken off the machine by someone else accidentally or contact the sender again to resend the fax? Do you have someone in your office responsible for manually routing the faxes to a department or individual? What if that person is on vacation or out sick? Do the faxes get to their destinations in a timely fashion? Electronically routing inbound faxes to one or multiple destinations quickly, securely and easily is one of the main reasons internet fax services are so popular!

  5. Tracking your faxes for billing purposes – Paper-based faxing is more time- consuming to track for billing purposes. Someone in the firm needs to be responsible to track all incoming and outgoing faxes manually to bill back to the clients. With a cloud fax service, tracking and reporting the fax transmissions can easily be done via email with authentication, making it easier for billing purposes.

Faxing will never go away completely, at least not in my lifetime. However, why should we continue to pay more than necessary with paper-based faxes, waste time searching for faxes that ‘may have been sent’ and question the ability to keep the fax transmissions secure and confidential. When there is technology out there that will meet all your faxing needs while saving the organization money, time and increase your security needs and requirements. Let’s continue the trend toward more advanced faxing technology done through a cloud fax service!
Rebecca Baden

Written by Rebecca Baden

Rebecca Baden has been a Document Management Consultant with Phillips Office Solutions for over nine years. She has committed her passion and talent toward finding ways to help her clients develop the best solution for their office document needs. Rebecca has been in Sales for her entire career…which is more years that she would like to confess. You can find her through Linkedin.

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