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5 Resolutions for the Office New Year

Dec 31, 2015 10:11:27 AM / by

The infamous New Year’s Resolution…a time to reflect on the past year and make good by starting the new one with fresh goals and promises. If we exert energy on enhancing our personal lives, why not also put an effort at enhancing our work lives? After all, the average person spends 8+ hours of their day or more at work. Here are 5 suggestions to help enhance productivity with innovation solutions to 2015’s workplace problems.

  1. Establish an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system. Paper processes are out! An ECM solution will help your workplace become more efficient, cut down on paper/toner waste, provide productive work tools for the entire organization, and offer significant time savings for processing paperwork.
  2. Customize your workstation with organizational accessories and ergonomic tools. Don’t start 2016 off with messy piles of paper in conjunction to headaches galore. If we spend as much time at work as we say we do, shouldn’t we set ourselves up for success by having a workstation that fits our needs? Utilize desktop organizers and files for administrative tasks. Make sure your keyboard, chair, and monitor are set up to eliminate stress on your neck, back and eyes.
  3. Take up “walking meetings.” If sitting is the new smoking, get up and move around by meeting with someone on the go. It’s a win-win for feeling better and staying productive.
  4. Make sure your network isn’t letting in unwanted visitors. The threat of virtual attack is a very real concern these days. Make sure your organization’s information is protected with a reliable, network security provider – like Phillips.
  5. Smile more. This may seem silly, but it is probably the easiest item on the list. Studies have shown that “smiling activates neural messaging that benefits your health and happiness.” (Psychology Today) Smiling makes you look more attractive to other people, releases endorphins (which are a natural pain reliever), and helps your body fight off stress.

Now for the shameless plug…If these resolutions seem a bit challenging, Phillips Office Solutions can mentor you! Our experts can provide logical, custom-tailored solutions that fit your organization’s needs. By cutting down in paper waste, becoming more efficient, optimizing your workstation, getting some exercise, and protecting yourself against viral threat, you’ll have no choice but to smile more.

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Summer Walter

Written by Summer Walter

Summer Walter is a Marketing Coordinator at Phillips Office Solutions. Her topics of interest include: workplace interior trends and products, event planning, and PR. She also enjoys sharing interesting ideas, tips, and studies about workpalce solutions.

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