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5 Step Spring Cleaning

Apr 18, 2013 10:48:20 AM / by

Now that the weather is finally bright and shiny and springy, I have felt it necessary to make my workspace bright and shiny as well. I’ve broken the spring cleaning task into 5 steps to make it less daunting.


IMG_6167.jpg Yes, this is actually my desk. I didn't think to take a before photo, but trust me, it was bad!


1)      PURGE – Get rid of what you don’t need. Clear out drawers of paperwork you no longer need. Take reminders off your bulletin board that you don’t need to reference. Toss manuals that are outdated. Do you really need 20 pens in your drawer? Don’t forget to also purge your electronic desktop. Uninstall programs you no longer use, empty your recycle bin and delete emails and documents you no longer need. Don’t forget Phillips offers Document Storage, Digital Archiving, and Secure Document Shredding, so you don’t have to worry about compromising your confidential information.


2)      MOVE – Keep only the items you need within arm’s reach. If you only occasionally use the 3-hole punch, move it to a drawer or to a shared workspace. Do you need a powered pencil sharpener, or do you only use pens? Instead of keeping folders on your desk, file them in the drawer for easy access.

3)      ORGANIZE – Look at what remains on your desk. Group like items together. Use twist ties and rubber bands to control the power cords and wires. Try to get as much of your stuff off of your desk as you can. Details offers SlatWall and SlatRail, which, when used with their Organizational Worktools, can get you organized and keep your desk looking neat. Utilize the Paperflo for active projects, and keep your necessities nearby with the Phone Caddy, Pencil Cup, and Square Dish. Best of all, these can easily be added to your existing desk!

4)      CLEAN – Get rid of the dust bunnies that have hidden in the corners. Use canned air to rid your keyboard of your lunch crumbs (don’t you know you shouldn’t eat at your desk anyway?). Get some disinfectant wipes to wipe all the hard surfaces and telephone. Use special screen cleaner for your monitor and cell phone. Don’t forget to clean your windows – you want to see the beautiful view!

5)      ACCESSORIZE – Now add back in the personal touches. Bring in a family photo or two and place them where you can see them, but not where they are in the way. Post your child’s artwork on your bulletin board. Add a plant to bring a little greenery into your day. Use fun colored push pins or magnets to give personality to your work. The key is to add personal touches without adding to your clutter.

Now that you have a clean and organized space you’ll be more productive at work, and you’ll probably be happier and healthier too!

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Written by Gwen

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