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5 Ways to convince your boss you need new office equipment

Nov 28, 2017 8:07:00 AM / by

Is your existing printing equipment long overdue for an upgrade, but your boss doesn’t see the pressing need? If so, fear no more. I have identified 5 ways in which you should be able to bring this to their attention and have the old equipment addressed. Below are the five points to help build your case to your supervisor.

Convice your boss you need new printing equipment


How much wear and tear is on your existing equipment?

This is a relatively easy way to check if your machine is beginning to reach its end of life. Most printing equipment today has a meter counter on the machine. This meter counter shows how many total impressions were produced on your machine. Typically, if you are beginning to approach 750k-1 million impressions, you are due for a new machine. At this point more parts will begin to fail at a more frequent rate, ultimately costing your business more money.

Is old technology costing your organization?

Over the years, printing equipment has been progressively operating at a lower cost as newer technology has been released. Depending on the volume that is being produced, your organization might be able to experience a nice return on investment by upgrading to a newer model. This is certainly worth exploring. Also, if you have a maintenance agreement on your existing equipment, it might be worth exploring an upgrade as service rates do increase as your equipment ages. If you know that you are using aged equipment, I would definitely suggest bringing a consultant in to conduct a cost analysis on your fleet. With that information and a proposed return on investment with new equipment, you should be able to make a strong case to your boss.

Have you outgrown your existing machine?

Has the printing behavior changed since your business last purchased new equipment? Let’s say your company has added more staff, and printing volumes have doubled since the last time you refreshed your fleet. It might be worth-while to investigate an additional unit so that your existing machine is not overloaded with print jobs. This might hold your users up causing them to wait, and not be productive. In addition, it might be worth-while in investigating a slightly larger machine that has a lower cost of operation. Very frequently do I find organizations that have a B&W multi-function device, and a desktop printer for color printing. Color desktop printers have much higher costs of operation versus printing to a multi-function color capable device. If your users are regularly printing to the color desktop printer, I would suggest in replacing the B&W MFP and color desktop printer, with 1 color capable MFP, as you should experience a nice return on investment. This again is something a document management consultant can illustrate for your boss to review.

Can your existing workflow be improved?

Today  practically all businesses are scanning holding their files electronically, versus storing hard copy files in a filing cabinet. Many users utilize their scan to email function in the process of saving a file to their local/network folder, cloud, or document management system. By scanning to email though, users are constantly deleting emails since there is not much memory available on their existing email account. Newer multi-function devices today allow users to name, create, and choose what file they would like to scan to at the device. By utilizing an application like this, your users are eliminating the step of scanning to their email, only to save and name the file again at their desktop. Apps like this improve your user’s existing workflow, ultimately making them more productive. Kyocera actually has an app called DM Connect that performs these same functions, if you are interested in sharing with your boss. Increasing productivity is always going to help make your case if you are asking something of them!

Is your current equipment failing frequently?

If your users are experiencing an increased amount of machine failures, you will likely have an easy case to make to your boss. When the machine fails, what do your users do? Since they are not able to scan and print, this puts a huge choke on your company’s productivity. Perhaps you must print a file right away, so you pay a print shop to get what was needed to be printed. Also, if there is no service contract, you are likely forking significant funds in having your machine repaired. If you are able to present and identify the sacrifice of productivity and money to your company, you should have a strong case in convincing your boss that a change should be made.



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Michael Major

Written by Michael Major

Mike Major is a Key Accounts Manager, who works with customers to increase document workflow efficiency and reduce costs. Mike specializes in the industries of Healthcare as well as Legal and Finance. He currently works out of Phillip’s Lancaster office and provides support for customers in Lancaster, Berks, and York Counties.

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