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The 5th Building Block of Enterprise Content Management

May 16, 2016 7:39:53 AM / by

INTEGRATE - Code-less Integrations with Multiple Applications

User adoption can be a significant obstacle to any ECM implementation. It is possible to offer the finest technical solution possible to solve a business issue, but if that solution is not embraced by the user community, it will fail. When discussing an ECM solution, it is critical to consider user adoption. It is vitally important to augment and enhance current systems by minimizing change and disruption to the current process, while, at the same time, improving productivity.  The ECM building block of Integrate can help bridge the gap between your existing business systems and an ECM system such as OnBase by Hyland. A proper approach to integration can, in turn, encourage and nurture user adoption.

OnBase has a variety tools and techniques to provide integration. They include:

  • Application Enabler Module
  • User Transparent ODBC connections
  • Database level integrations
  • Outlook Integration

These tools allow a new ECM user to access the power of OnBase from within their existing business systems.

When considering an ECM product to Integrate with your business systems, it is important that the ECM product can facilitate the following:

  • Easy transition between the new ECM product and your existing software
  • Eliminate switching between screens and software to find the right information
  • Reduce errors caused by manual data entry
  • Extend the functionality of the existing business system
  • Leverages the investment in BOTH applications
  • Re-uses existing data and eliminates extra keystrokes, clicks and possible mistakes
  • No costly custom development or custom coding

Ideally, your ECM solution should integrate easily with all of your critical business systems, while providing efficiencies and improving the productivity of your organization.

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Chuck Chiara

Written by Chuck Chiara

M.I.T., CDIA+ - Currently Director of ECM Technologies with Phillips Office Solutions. A veteran of over 20 years in the information management and ECM industries with firsthand experience in business analysis, solutions architecture, client engagement and project management. During my career I have managed the conversion of millions of paper documents, and have overseen hundreds of business process improvement projects.

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