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Rethink the way we learn and teach - Active Learning Classrooms

Apr 5, 2013 5:17:22 AM / by

With technological advances every day in our society, it's no wonder that people are beginning to rethink the way we learn and teach. The evolving education environment includes the style of teaching, the multiple ways in which we learn, and the constantly improving technology available today. In an effort to keep up with these changes and the 21st century skills required for the workplace, many schools are transforming their classrooms into Active Learning Classrooms (ALC).


Active learning classrooms support teaching and learning in both a technology-rich environment and a non-technology, collaborative environment designed to engage students actively in their own learning. In an active learning classroom, desks may be grouped together with 4-6 people to encourage interaction and learning from one another. A teacher may be positioned in the middle of the room to enable interaction with the students while removing the barrier between teacher and student. Today, space is limited. A classroom may be used for many different classes with each teacher having their own style (lecture, small group, etc). Today’s furniture has incorporated technology and is designed with flexibility in mind. Class times are limited and teachers prefer not to spend the time on re-arranging the space. Furniture that adapts to different styles of teaching and learning will allow you to transform your classroom in seconds.

Post Written by Samantha Keefer, Workplace Interiors Education Specialist

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