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An Interview: Senior ECM Specialist

Aug 6, 2015 4:21:08 PM / by

chuck.jpgToday I interviewed Chuck Chiara so I could learn more about Phillips Office Solutions. Chuck, is the Senior Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Specialist in the Document Management division, and has been working at Phillips for 3 years.

What do you like about working at Phillips?

-          The freedom and creativity OnBase allows me to achieve.

Where did you go to school and what did you major in?

-          I went to HACC- Harrisburg Community College and received my associate’s degree in architecture, but specialized in machine design.

How did you end up at Phillips?

-          First I worked for Xerox. There I realized a need for a scanning document provider. I opened my own business for about 7 or 8 years. When I sold my business, I took a job at another place similar to what I was doing. This company happened to be a customer of Phillips, so I knew several employees and was eventually offered a job here.

Why do you think ECM is important?

-          I think ECM is important for certain companies, not all companies, but certain departments within an organization. ECM is typically more important for bigger companies. Our job is to know when and how to fit ECM into a company. Some companies already have programs similar to our ECM provider (OnBase by Hyland), but do not have all the parts and tools necessary. Therefore, we can make programs that apply to what they need and are lacking.

How important is it to make each ECM solution specific to each company?

-           It is extremely important because every business is different and has different people, who like different things. Such as, manufacture employees have a different language from healthcare employees, so we need to make each program specific to their needs. We do not want to change how people do business and use their computer systems, but instead we want to help make it easier for them.


By taking some time I learned a great deal about Chuck’s job and how he received this job. I also saw that Chuck is extremely creative and challenges himself to take risks to reach his goals. Chuck never settled for mediocrity, and that has helped him accomplish the job and life he has now.


By: Brittney Rineer

About Brittney: This summer I am interning with Phillips in the Marketing Department with Summer and Michael. I am a student at Penn State University, and this coming semester I will be a junior. I am majoring in Public Relations/Advertising.

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