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Ask Ms. Feeds - Advice column

Jun 15, 2017 4:06:42 PM / by

Ask Ms Feeds advice column for copier problems

It has happened to all of us. There is an important job to be printed and time is running short. Did we procrastinate…maybe… but when we hit the print button we expect our equipment to run with perfection, correct? I mean let’s face it; there was a good amount of money invested in this device and it should work flawlessly! But just as it starts producing this time sensitive project, we hear that sound. The one that echoes across the office and causes immediate disgust and frustration…the dreaded beeping of the MFP bringing our print job to a halt!

You close your eyes, shake your head, and wonder…why does this happen?

Well, I decided to have a “heart to heart” with my copier and find out a few reasons why this may occur from her perspective. (Yes, I have determined my copier is a she because she has a mind of her own).

Once I understood some of the areas where I was having issues, I decided to use her knowledge to help others with their jamming woes. And so begins the advice column I affectionately refer to as “Dear Ms. Feeds”.


Do you have a copier or printing question? Ask Ms. Feeds in the comments below.


Dear Ms. Feeds:
I’m a creative person and I like to print on different materials and paper stocks. Glossy paper is my favorite, but when I try printing my designs on different papers with my printer, the paper jams and crumples. What can I do?



Dear Out-of-Spec:
Although a device is a tough piece of equipment and can handle many different types of paper media, it may not be designed to handle every paper type you find to purchase. Please check your manual or contact your servicing dealer to determine if your model is able to handle glossy paper, thicker stocks, odd sizes, etc., BEFORE getting too creative with a particular idea. If you place paper which doesn’t agree in a drawer, it just may reject it.


Dear Ms. Feeds:
I have the task of printing post cards for our mailers. I know not to put heavy paper in the drawers of my copiers, but more often then not a jam occurs when the paper feeds thru the multi-purpose tray. I am becoming very frustrated and wasting lots of post cards in the process.

Yours Truly, 
Adjustments Needed


Dear Adjustments Needed:
When you are sending a print job it is important to adjust the paper settings on the display panel to match the job you are sending. For example: you placed “card stock” in the multi-purpose tray, but this tray is still set to “plain paper”. When you select “print” from your computer to create the card stock job, your copier may dislike this and cause a jam. Don’t take offense! It is only trying to produce a quality piece of material. If the paper settings are not correct to match the media you are using, then it cannot make the proper adjustments to the rollers, the speed of intake, not to mention toner application. All resulting in the perfect storm for you guessed it...a jam.


Dear Ms. Feeds:
I found a great deal on paper from the internet and made a huge purchase. We have a small office and no room to store this much paper, so we put it in our warehouse. Recently, when we are using the last of the skid, the paper seems to jam every time. Please help!



 Dear Hot-in-Here:
I do understand paper is expensive and many times you scourer the internet for the best price. However, when you find a great deal and purchase a large amount, be careful where you store it. A hot, humid warehouse may not be the best place. Paper absorbs humidity; Printers do not do well with curled paper. Do your best to store paper in a climate-controlled environment.


Dear Ms. Feeds:
I get a lot of jams from paper sticking together. Sometimes the machine pulls two sheets or more at a time. Sometimes the paper is shifted and page looks like it’s on a tilt-a-whirl. Please help

Over Stuffed.


Dear Over Stuffed:
When placing paper into drawers, please “fan” the ream first. This may help eliminate multiple pages from feeding thus preventing a jam. Adjust the paper guides inside the drawers to fit the paper properly. If there are locks, please verify they are in the locked position before closing. Also, do not fill drawers to the very top. That’s like trying to operate on a full stomach. Only place paper to the guidelines shown on the drawer.


Dear Ms. Feeds:
I’ve been running a lot of print jobs, A LOT!!! Sometimes the colors are off, sometimes the paper jams a lot, I usually suffer through and waste a lot of paper for some print jobs. I handed out graphs in our meeting the other day and the pages went from a nice blue to a strange shade of pink. Please help!

Monkey Wrench


Dear Monkey Wrench:
We all need a spa day every now and then! Don’t hesitate to call for service if a jamming problem persists. It is not your fault. Sometimes after doing so much work, your device just needs some TLC. Maybe need new rollers or a firmware update is required. Whatever the case, once a service call is complete your MFP should be good as new and ready to take on your next masterpiece.


Do you have a copier or printing question? Ask Ms. Feeds in the comments below.


Michelle Wise

Written by Michelle Wise

Michelle has over 20 years of experience with Phillips Office Solutions in various positions within the organization. The last 11 years have been in the Document Management division where she advises clients on finding the best solutions to meet their needs and budget. she also has been known to go by the name Michelle Wise, shh...

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