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Michael Major

Michael Major
Mike Major is a Key Accounts Manager, who works with customers to increase document workflow efficiency and reduce costs. Mike specializes in the industries of Healthcare as well as Legal and Finance. He currently works out of Phillip’s Lancaster office and provides support for customers in Lancaster, Berks, and York Counties.

Recent Posts

5 Ways to convince your boss you need new office equipment

[fa icon="calendar'] Nov 28, 2017 8:07:00 AM / by Michael Major

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Is your existing printing equipment long overdue for an upgrade, but your boss doesn’t see the pressing need? If so, fear no more. I have identified 5 ways in which you should be able to bring this to their attention and have the old equipment addressed. Below are the five points to help build your case to your supervisor.

Convice your boss you need new printing equipment

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Where to start going digital

[fa icon="calendar'] May 4, 2017 11:55:24 AM / by Michael Major

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That is the million dollar question. To further complicate things, there is no-one-size-fits-all solution for all organizations. There are a variety of first steps that an organization should take in digitizing the critical information that flows through their office. Today, we will cover 3 topics:
  1. Why you should go digital?
  2. Latest trends for creating a digital office.
  3.  Your first steps to going digital.

Why should I go digital?

Before you begin taking your first steps to digitizing your office, you must have at least one reason why this change in the employees' daily routine will benefit their day-to-day tasks. While there is certainly a level of comfort in working with hard copy documents, have you ever thought about how it might be compromising your productivity, and/or costing you money? According to Info Trends, the average time spent to retrieve a single hard copy document is 20 minutes. You might find that hard to believe, but when you get up from your desk to retrieve this document, did you get distracted? Was the document improperly filed? Do you store documents off site? These are all factors that can easily impede the retrieval of a simple piece of information.

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