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A Positive Review for Steelcase's Buoy Chair

Aug 21, 2013 12:41:55 PM / by

Kirsten Kauffman, a Furniture Consultant with our Workplace Interiors division, has gotten some exciting feedback about the new BUOY Chair from Steelcase.  It has been a hit with clients from every market!


“This BUOY chair comes in lots of great color combinations to add some ENERGY to your office, conference rooms, collaborative areas or just about anywhere. 

"The chairs were designed to keep you moving. Moving is good for you! It keeps your oxygen flowing and therefore keeps your mind sharp.  They are light and let you move freely.

"Customers especially love that they can adjust the height on this chair as well as swivel, turn and tilt.  Give it a try!”


Check out our video showcasing the fun features on this new product release.  Call Kirsten at 800-538-7500 to set-up a product demo with the Steelcase BUOY chair.

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