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Are You Buying a Document Management Solution or Just a New Copier?

Apr 7, 2014 2:16:06 PM / by

The term “document management” gets tossed around a lot but isn’t always clearly defined or understood. This certainly is the case if your takeaway amounts to: Someone wants me to buy or lease a new copier.

Your document management needs may include a new copier, but more likely they encompass a bigger, more productive and more rewarding business relationship with your office solutions vendor.

Consider this definition of document management, courtesy of BusinessDictionary.com:

“Coordination and control of the flow (storage, retrieval, processing, printing, routing, and distribution) of electronic and paper documents in a secure and efficient manner, to ensure that they are accessible to authorized personnel as and when required.”

True document management professionals recognize the value of how the various departments, divisions or units within an organization, no matter their sizes, produce and use documents on a daily basis to achieve their goals. 

A document flow analysis, for instance, can reduce unnecessary steps, improve staff productivity, and lower the cost of printing and copying.

Think about your goals and ask yourself two key questions:

1. Do we have a document management strategy in place?

2. Has my current vendor discussed a total document management solution?

If there’s no strategy – or if the sum of the strategy is buying or leasing a new copier – it might be time to meet with a true document management professional who can help you define all of your organization’s needs.

Article written by Barrett Johnson - Document Management Consultant


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