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How Case Management can Improve Your Organization?

May 10, 2016 7:44:55 AM / by

processes.jpgAll organizations have difficulty defining business processes, which often include unpredictable outcomes, structured processes and unstructured information.  It’s situations like these where a case management approach can be particularly useful and efficient.

Case management relies on the knowledge, experience and discretion of qualified people to determine the next step in a process.   It is vital to have all case-related information such as records, documents, forms, background information, case history, communications, updates, notes, observations, data, texts and emails in one place to instantly empower your employees with knowledge. This enables users to view the information in a 360 degree manner which aids intelligent decision making.

OnBase case management equips your organization to solve a wide range of business challenges – from facilities project management and compliance tracking to vendor management, contract management, HR onboarding, incident resolution and fraud investigation.

Below are three examples of areas that can benefit specifically from case management:

  1. Contract Management – manage all information related to a contract, lease or purchase agreement. Set auto reminders for contract expiration dates and renewals and compile all related information.


  1. Customer Service Departments – build a client file with all documents, communications and relevant data to better serve your clients. This also allows efficient transfer of information amongst department employees as well as immediate electronic access.


  1. Case Files – gather all information related to a criminal investigation, project file, medical record, etc. Pull documents, reports, communications, evidence and other items into one searchable and accessible electronic file.

Increased efficiency can have a powerful effect on your organization. Not only can you build and manage electronic files, it is also possible to add structured processes to them in order to automate business processes, tasks, provide alerts, view reports and receive real-time updates.

OnBase by Hyland can provide effective case management all on one platform.

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Tom Warren

Written by Tom Warren

Enterprise Content Management Business Development Director with Phillips Office Solutions. A twelve year veteran working with customers to solve business problems and a twelve year Board Member for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Has helped CFF raise over $1 million for their cause. A husband, father of four boys and enjoying baseball and skiing in his free time.

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