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Content Management options for your Documents

Mar 19, 2014 1:41:40 PM / by

Sdoc-mgt.pngo, the scenario goes like this, you are looking for a document, let's say an invoice. You know it is saved somewhere on your company's network. You start browsing folders to find it. - Is the file under accounts payable, receivable, unpaid? How do you know?  You spend  lots of time, frustrated, looking for documents. You want a better way. So what are your options when it comes to document content management?  Here are the categories of options to choose from, from simple to advanced systems.

1) Saving files to a computer or network drive

Let's start simple. You have a business and a computer. You save your documents on that computer. It's up to you to create a system and file you documents on your computer. If you are a larger organization, you can use folders on your network to save documents.

2) NeatDesk System

The NeatDesk systems is similar to a copier's document feeder. Documents of various sizes are scanned and categorized based on a few options. This small system sits on a desk and scans documents into your computer or personal programs.

3) Content Management Solution

An content management is software that runs on your network (or web) that allows multiple users to access documents. It allows you to set up processes and control the flow of documents. Documents can be categorized, tagged and saved based on your filing system. Searches can be preformed to find documents. This type of system can be configured to your process and allow users to handle documents electronically without ever touching a hard copy document.

4) Cloud Based System

Just like your music, videos and social media saved in the cloud, you can choose to move your documents into the cloud. The cloud offers you options to access your documents from anywhere with any device.


So which system is best for you? I can't answer that for you, however can give you some things to think about and questions to ask.

  1. How many documents does your organization touch in a month?
  2. How are my documents stored or backed up?
  3. How secure is the system?
  4. Cost. Is this a one time cost or a monthly fee?
  5. System support. What if something happens where do I get support? How knowledgeable is that support?
  6. Training. Who will train my employees to use the system?

If you are interested in a Content Management system for your documents, our experts a Phillips Office Solutions can help determine the right solution.

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