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Create and score tests faster with Teaching Assistant - a scantron alternative

Sep 9, 2013 2:26:18 PM / by

Did you know you can easily create scantron like answer sheets (or bubble sheets) and grade tests within minutes? With Kyocera's Teaching Assistant application loaded on any Hypas enabled Kyocera MFP (copier) you can create and grade your own tests.

Create and grade test fasterWith this application, teachers simply input the number of questions,  the number of students and the number of choices needed for the test.  The printer will create and print an answer sheet for each student. The students then fill out the answer sheet, just like any other Scantron or bubble test. Once the students’ sheets are collected, the teacher puts their answer key on top of the pile and inserts them into the document feeder. After selecting "Grade Tests" the machine will grade each test and then give the option to print reports or have them emailed to you.

A number of reports are also available for each test. You can see which question was missed the most and how students compare. 

Watch a short video on Teaching Assistant . You can also reach out to Phillips to see a personal demonstration.



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