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Document Essentials for a Law Firm

Apr 20, 2017 2:51:17 PM / by

Documents in law Firms

The challenges that face your law firm today make your business processes crucial to your continued success.  The security of your data and how you process your case files has never been more legislated or controlled.  Information security and compliance go beyond your network infrastructure.  The hardware and software choices you make today will have an impact on your firm for years to come. How do you ensure you meet both requirements and maximize your time?

The nature of your information dictates that document security has to be one of the highest priorities in your daily business.  Network security works to deter outsider threats to your data.  But what have you done to address your internal security threats?  Even if the insider threat isn’t malicious, have you taken the necessary steps to secure your data from accidental spillage?
If you have a multifunctional device in your office which has access to email and fax, your data can leave your office in mere seconds.  You can secure your multifunction device with little or no additional cost.  Increased security features may add some expense.  But these features can be tailored to your exact security needs.  These steps can include authentication at the device with the use of a password, an HID card, or a FOB to release the jobs that are printed.  These security steps also create a digital fingerprint which allows you to monitor who has done what with your information.
Compliance is a crucial aspect of your firm’s daily business practices. Maryland has enacted the MDEC law and several counties already require that documents be filed electronically. MDEC mandates that lawyers submit their case documents to the courts electronically. In 2021 all Maryland courts will require documents be filed in this manner. Is your firm ready for this change? Does your current multifunction device meet both security and compliance requirements?
Why is it crucial that your business processes support these initiatives?  Failure to adopt either of these requirements can result in fines or suspensions for non-compliance. Your business solutions vendor should be able to help you determine your current capabilities and help your firm progress forward with these changes.
Next time, I’ll discuss some applications designed to work with your multifunction devices to help your firm work more efficiently and effectively while you maintain a secure information system for your data.

Matt Kenny

Written by Matt Kenny

Matt Kenny is a Document Management Solutions Expert, helping clients turn their paper processes into digital workflows. He works for Phillips at our Hunt Valley, Maryland office.

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