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Are the same old solutions in your business processes causing more problems?

Jun 29, 2016 7:34:57 AM / by

First - Take a long look at this image.

My first reaction was - now that's funny. Then I started wondering - How did we get to this point? What happened? How is that even possible?.... How do I get them all?


Obviously, some things were tried that didn't work, then tried again and again.

Business processes are designed to keep errors from happening. To keep information flowing and eliminate points that slow it down. We know that clients expect information "yesterday" and being able to provide the information they want could mean the difference between a win or a loss. How do you problem solve these slow processes?

Take a look at current processes

A properly calculated business process is designed to keep unexpected results from occurring. Looking at your current processes, are there points where information grinds to a halt? This could be a point where an employee has to manually key in information from a paper document, searching through dusty file cabinets, or any number of manual processes. These manual process waste time. (Even though many employees would try to argue, that this is what they do.) Taking away these processes, doesn't mean taking away their job, it many cases, its giving them the tools to do more. (And more efficiently)

Creating effective business processes

This is where the ECM problem solving begins. An Enterprise Content Management system will help alleviate the information road blocks. Through proper design you can automate document workflow and processes. File /retrieve documents with consistency and ease and gain peace of mind knowing that your critical business documents are stored securely and backed up according to industry regulations.

ECM can empower employees to work more efficiently with less frustration and provide benefits such as reporting, work load balance and mobile access.

This type of problem solving can work for every department, however many businesses start small by testing ECM within Accounts Payable or Human Resources. These two departments deal with a lot of "paper" and usually have defined "rules" based processes.

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