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Educators … Are you tired of “living” in a bubble?

Jan 3, 2018 8:46:33 AM / by

Yes, the holiday season is upon us and students & teachers are looking forward to a much needed “vacation.”  But soon the BUBBLE TESTING process will begin again.  Does that make you cringe? 

Virtually every school district has standardized testing on their agenda, but does it have to be so complicated?  Is there an easier method versus Scantron, for example, which includes ordering a dedicated test scoring machine, a myriad of forms (usually 500 per package) consisting of answer sheets, survey & tally sheets, teacher item analysis sheets … and the list goes on.  In addition, this method requires IT infrastructure, yearly maintenance costs and possibly more than one Scantron Score machine!  Several machines may be necessary because the completed answer sheets must be scanned ONE AT A TIME, unless the teachers don’t mind waiting in line.

scantron bubble test


Why not use just one device … one that your entire organization is familiar with, uses on a daily basis, and one that can easily handle a stack of answer sheets?  If you haven’t guessed yet, it’s your copier!  Often referred to as the MFP (Multi-Function Printer), teachers can print the exact number of bubble sheet tests they need, on demand, using plain paper, utilizing a solution that automatically grades the tests and prints assessment reports in just a few minutes.

The solution is Teaching Assistant, powered by HyPAS, that allows educators to print customized bubble test sheets and answer keys with just a few keystrokes on a Kyocera HyPAS enabled MFP’s touch panel.  In just a few minutes, the test data is automatically graded, with options to print, email, and save in PDF / CSV format to a USB device.  Additionally, this solution provides analytical reports (both summary & detail), which allows educators to identify potential weaknesses, and modify classroom instruction accordingly.

Teaching Assistant will “read” the student name and recognize his/her answers, even if it’s not in the “bubble” , or if the student used a checkmark or an “X” …  all answers are analyzed correctly.  And, every MFP operates with a single license which does not limit the number of teachers who can utilize this solution.  Plus, installation does not require any IT intervention.

So, the choice is easy!  Select the Teaching Assistant solution that provides cost savings and powerful results for today’s educator, allowing them to concentrate on lesson plans, optimize their productivity in the classroom as they educate our students.


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