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Homework for the day… Effective Records Management in Schools

Oct 13, 2017 9:46:59 AM / by

All employers have a lot of information they are required to have for each and every employee. Personal and legal information is especially critical and must be kept confidential. Many times records are requested for some legal reason and need to be readily available. Once requested the records need to be produced in a timely fashion. Failure to provide the records in the given timeframe could cause legal problems as well as shed a bad light on the organization.

Effective Records Management Schools

School districts especially have a very large amount of records they need to keep because of the clientele they serve. Credentials need to be up to date, background checks are mandatory, benefits are always changing and evaluations are done on a regular basis. All this and much more information needs to be in the employee’s file to assure they are current and compliant to keep their jobs. In the sue happy world, we live in more and more pressure is put on districts to maintain accurate, up to date records because they are working with children, parents and the public.

All of this critical information stored in a competent enterprise content management system can be managed and accessed quickly and easily. Professional software designed for ECM enables users to search for information that has been tagged or indexed in many different ways. Documents are also kept in a way that they cannot be lost, edited, deleted or changed in any way. There is also auditing that takes place in the background that shows every time a document was viewed, by whom and whether any changes were made. Security and permissions can be set up so there is no fear of any informational breaches. It can also be used to set reminders for any required continuing education, prevent any lapses in licensing and record retention dates. Many times access can be done remotely through an app on a smartphone or tablet. All this makes gathering records a simple process for anything from preparing for an audit to responding to any requests for information for employee or student records. OnBase is the Enterprise Content Management System that is offered by Phillips and it offers all the features
Phil Hawthorne

Written by Phil Hawthorne

Phil has 25+ years as a successful Professional Sales Executive. The last sixteen have been focused in the Document Management Field with a focus on the K-12 Education Marketplace at Phillips Office Solutions.

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