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Elf in the Office: Workplace Willis

Dec 8, 2014 3:09:21 PM / by

Meet Workplace Willis! This holiday season, Phillips Office Solutions will have a special guest commuting all the way from the North Pole. Willis has accepted the positon of North Pole Liaison reporting for both our Document Management and Workplace Interiors divisions. Follow Willis through the company as he counts down the 12 days till our holiday break!

Day 1 - What better place to introduce yourself to fellow employees than at the coffee maker?! Willis is starting Monday off with a strong cup of joe. (Please note that he is keeping it professional by sporting a suit in the office!)


Day 2 - Workplace Willis has been spotted leaving notes around the office!


Day 3 - Everyone knows that elves make the best workers...so, we're having Workplace Willis shadow our Service Support team today! He is becoming very efficient at changing out toner cartridges on our Kyocera MFPs. Perhaps Santa will let him stay all year...


Day 4 - Willis is proving to be quite adventurous! Eiher he is embracing his inner-James Bond, by scaling the Help Desk Department wall, or he is getting a better angle to keep an eye on our mangerial offices...  Either way, "Belay on, Willis!"


Day 5 - Willis has set himself up in our main conference room at the head of the table. By doing this, he will be able to meet with our sales teams and discuss his top concern....why Phillips Office Solutions does not sell syrup. (This is a very emotional topic for elves apparently.)

Willis--Day5 - Copy

Day 6 - It looks as though Willis was trying to decorate the office and got caught up in the holiday spirit. Too much garland and tinsel? No way! Not for this office elf.


Day 7 - Let it snow! Central PA has not been very snowy this holiday season thus far. However, Workplace Willis has been spotted making snowflakes…and a mess…in our Workplace Interiors division! We encourage any visitors or employees to come make a snowflake with Willis today.


Day 8 - Look who's crunching numbers in Accounting today! The Marketing Department is looking into whether they're really on the naughty list or if the Grinch had anything to do with it...


Day 9 - UP, UP, and AWAY! Willis is keeping a watchful eye over everyone in the lunchroom today! This is Phillips’ last potluck lunch of the holiday season, AND Ugly Christmas Sweater Day. The holiday spirit is not lost on this little guy. He's participating in all the above!


Day 10 - When you're commuting all the way from the North Pole, sometimes it’s easier to just video conference with your fellow elves. A 70-inch Sharp Aquos screen sure does make those little guys look much bigger than they acutally are!


Day 11 - Just two more days of Elf at the Office. Workplace Willis has set himself up at our Help Desk in order to give some friendly advise. Have you been naughty or nice? To an elf, this is the difference between candy and coal!


Day 12 - Today is Willis's final day at the office. He has placed himself on top our tree with a little sign wishing all a Happy Holidays from Phillips Office Solutions!


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Summer Walter

Written by Summer Walter

Summer Walter is a Marketing Coordinator at Phillips Office Solutions. Her topics of interest include: workplace interior trends and products, event planning, and PR. She also enjoys sharing interesting ideas, tips, and studies about workpalce solutions.

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