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Emerald, Pantone Color of 2013

Mar 19, 2013 3:52:18 PM / by

Around this time in March, you tend to see the color green popping up all over. A trip through the mall lends itself to kitchy green accessories. This year though, don’t be surprised if you continue to see the Emerald color far after the leprechauns have disappeared. Emerald green has been chosen as 2013’s color of the year by Pantone, the world’s leader in color standards. Pantone colors create a baseline of color for all types of manufacturing, including fashion, furniture, and architecture. They create a middle ground from designer to manufacturer to retailer to customer.

This year they have chosen Emerald to be the color of the year, which means designers will be itching to incorporate it into their palates. And consumers will undoubtedly latch onto the trend. Don’t feel as though you need to totally re-color your world though to be on-trend with Pantone. You can add small flashes of the color throughout and brighten up your day. Perhaps by coating your fingernails in emerald polish or by adding the green tie to your wardrobe.

Of course don’t forget to make your office space bright and trendy. If you happen to be in the market for a remodel, consider adding some colorful fabrics to your furniture. We like these options from Design Tex .

DesignTex Green Fabrics

A simple way to integrate this color is by upgrading the art on your walls. At Great American Art, you can sort their collections by color. From there we will help you determine location, size and finish of the prints you like.

Looking for an even simpler way to get some green into your workday? How about some accessories? Pantone’s website offers a store where you can purchase flash drives, coffee mugs, and even iPhone cases in their signature color selection. Don’t feel like you need to make special purchases to incorporate the color. Bring in a leafy green plant to set on your desk. Hand your kids some paper and green paint – you’ll get some green “artwork” and they will be proud to have their work on your desk.

Aside from being trendy for 2013, the color green has a calming effect and encourages clear perception and compassion. People who surround themselves with the color green tend to be more relaxed and refreshed. Incorporate some green into your workplace.

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Written by Gwen

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