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How 3 Tier Color Billing vs Standard Color Billing Works

Jul 6, 2017 11:57:55 AM / by

In today’s copier market there isn't a whole lot of true differentiators between different manufacturers. One manufacturer might claim they have the most reliable or the most cost-effective MFP on the market. Let’s be real here, copiers today all have the same bells and whistles. They copy, print, scan, fax and have multiple apps that can be added to the device to allow integration to business software.  One manufacturer, however, has come up with a game-changing solution when it comes to billing color and can be a true difference financially within your organization.

Kyocera's technology provides the ability to define up to three color usage levels, based on your typical business documents. Contrary to flat rate billing, which is when you are charged the same price for every color page, the Tiered Color System pricing model charges only for the amount of color being used.

With Kyocera’s Tiered Color System, documents that contain lower levels of color (simple color) can be billed at a lower rate than full-color documents. For example, you will be able to print or copy more monochrome documents with your company logo in color, such as letterheads and invoices, at a fraction of the current color cost. Besides the traditional color and monochrome counters, KYOCERA devices also have three additional counters which count the coverage of printed and copied pages and allocates them in up to three groups.
(Low Coverage)
A company logo on monochrome correspondence.
(Medium Coverage)
A report that contains charts and graphs with text.
(High Coverage)
Color rich collateral such as brochures


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Here is an overview of a real analysis that was done with ABC Company.
ABC Company is a manufacturing company. Doing 449,565 color copies per quarter at .06 cents per copy/print (Standard Industry Billing)
  • Current Color Cost per quarter $26,973.90
  • Current Color Cost Annually $107,895.60
What was found during the discovery process was that 65% of the 449,565 color copies/prints was done at the low color coverage, 25% was medium color coverage and the remaining 10% was at the high color coverage. With doing the analysis with the 3 tier rate being applied to the volumes of each tier, we showed over a 52% savings in color printing.
  • New Color Cost per quarter $12,947.47
  • New Color Cost Annually $51,789.88


Whether printing a simple email, a text document with a color company logo or a full-color document you can now confidently control your color costs by paying for the color you use. This technology works seamlessly with KYOCERA TASKalfa color MFPs, as well as desktop ECOSYS color printers and MFPs.
So, next time you ask a potential vendor how they can help you, keep in mind this very economical option and contact Phillips Office Solutions to stop throwing money away on your color printing.

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Dale Heilman

Written by Dale Heilman

Dale Heilman is a Major Account Manager with Phillips Office Solutions who works with new and current organizations to help them streamline the process of managing their documents and data in the most efficient manner. Dale has 35 years of technical experience and also has his CDIA Certification. Dale has helped many organizations eliminate redundant documents and processes to reduce their expenses and improve efficiencies.

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