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How are you doing your scanning?

Jan 16, 2018 8:51:00 AM / by

If you are currently using traditional, restrictive scan-to-email or scan-to-shared folder methods you are probably going through a number of cumbersome steps to digitize your documents and place them in their chosen destinations.   There are also likely some security concerns for how these scans are being transferred over the network or even frustrating hurdles in place for Mac users. 

Kyocera PinPoint Scan User InterfaceIf you have a Kyocera MFP in your office, you can solve these problems by installing and utilizing the PinPoint Scan 3 application.  With this implemented on your MFP, scanning your documents can be easily simplified to a one-touch process. 



Installation of PinPoint Scan is a relatively simple two-step process that greatly reduces the need for IT intervention.   First, download it to the network connected MFP and then to your PC or Mac. 

At your computer, installation is made easy with the assistance of a Wizard based installation guide.   You will then choose your unique 4 to 16 digit PIN.   You can customize scanning to the folders you choose, your Outlook account, applications such as Nuance PaperPort, or any number of cloud based options including Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, etc.

The scan destinations you set in your computer software will create one-touch buttons right on the MFP panel. When you want to scan a document, all you have to do is access the PinPoint Scan application on your KYOCERA MFP, enter your unique PIN, select one of your pre-determined destinations and scan!   If “Documents” is selected as the destination, PinPoint Scan will then allow you to browse directly to the desired folder before scanning. In addition, you can select your desired scan settings before a document is sent.

PinPoint Scan protects your confidential documents by encrypting all communicationbetween the MFP and computer. You can also easily integrate with HID cards to enhance your document security.  A single MFP license supports any number of users on the same network.  PinPoint Scan makes network scanning more efficient and a breeze to use, saves you time, and boosts productivity in your office.

Karen Concini

Written by Karen Concini

Karen Concini is a Territory Account Manager at Phillips Office Solutions. Karen has worked with Phillips for 6 years. She is based out of our York, PA office, helping customers in York county find solutions to improve their business processes.

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