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How to Improve the HR Processes of Recruiting and Onboarding Employees

Jun 24, 2016 10:58:22 AM / by

In the below graphic a manual Human Resources recruiting and onboarding process is documented. The process is filled with email exchanges, confirmations, documentation, printing, file folders, filing and data input. The recruiting, hiring and onboarding process is a critical component for every successful business, particularly those businesses searching for and hiring top talent.

HR-process.pngMany of our clients have inquired about streamlining and improving their recruiting and onboarding processes. Below are several benefits an ECM solution, such as OnBase by Hyland, can provide to help make the recruiting and onboarding process painless and professional.
  • By capturing, storing and routing applicant files electronically, an ECM solution allows recruiters to avoid paper-based, manual processes, allowing them to focus on finding the best candidates for open positions.
  • With the ability to review associated documentation, applicant background and related experience, you can easily access, manage and route applicant information for quick decisions.
  • Automatically and quickly create consistent offer letters with document templates while also integrating with your current HR system.
  • Support compliance efforts by determining who can see applicant information within your organization.
  • Use an efficient onboarding process to provide new employees with a positive first experience and the tools they need to positively contribute on day one
  • Use workflow components and reporting to monitor the status of the onboarding process through each step

Allow an ECM system to work for you while being more efficient and responsive. Say goodbye to manual processes, inefficient communications and the risk of being out of compliance. And most importantly, don’t miss out on hiring top talent quicker than your competitors!

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Tom Warren

Written by Tom Warren

Enterprise Content Management Business Development Director with Phillips Office Solutions. A twelve year veteran working with customers to solve business problems and a twelve year Board Member for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Has helped CFF raise over $1 million for their cause. A husband, father of four boys and enjoying baseball and skiing in his free time.

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