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Improve Your Organization with Business Process Management

Jul 20, 2016 3:20:50 PM / by

Screen-Shot-2016-07-20-at-3_19_33-PM.pngA term you may be hearing more-and-more in today’s business world is BPM, or Business Process Management. BPM is a methodology, a technology and a philosophy. In general BPM is the people, steps and equipment utilized by businesses to complete tasks. BPM can be used to bring organization and structure to complex business processes. Simple business process, containing a small number of steps are easy to manage and simple to execute. As these simple processes grow, evolve and become more complex, the need to add technology to assist a knowledge worker becomes necessary. A recent survey of Enterprise Content Management solutions by AIIM (Association of Image and Information Management) found the following.

 38% say BPM is becoming a significant need. 17% say BPM is imperative to effective business execution.
  • 41% see a return on investment in BPM in the first year. 17% cite ROI within 6 months.
  • 53% say the biggest value of BPM is faster processing of business critical activities.
  • 45% say it is fewer errors and exception processing.
  • 67% see mobile and cloud support as important.
  • 90% must have audit trails and executed processes that are secure.
  • 33% report decrease in review and approval cycle times.
  • 62% report better routing to and between individuals.
  • 42% report greater organizational agility and routing between processes.

This data indicates organizations who are actively engaged in BPM implementations operate at higher productivity levels, lower stress levels and are inherently more profitable, stable and predictable.


Topics: Business Process Management, Enterprise Content Management

Chuck Chiara

Written by Chuck Chiara

M.I.T., CDIA+ - Currently Director of ECM Technologies with Phillips Office Solutions. A veteran of over 20 years in the information management and ECM industries with firsthand experience in business analysis, solutions architecture, client engagement and project management. During my career I have managed the conversion of millions of paper documents, and have overseen hundreds of business process improvement projects.

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