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Inkjet vs. Toner for Religious Organizations

Aug 28, 2017 8:37:34 AM / by

Why RISO may be the answer to your prayers.

Most customers in the religious market are familiar with name RISO or Risograph as it was known for years. Riso was and is still known for their reliable line of duplicators in schools and churches throughout the world. RISO has been involved in the religious market for over 30 years.

 Can I get an AMEN..

Should you choose inkjet or toner for your church printing needs.

For the religious organization, their first and foremost mission is to connect to people and spread their message. Their printed materials must grab the reader’s attention and make them want to jump in and participate. Many places of worship are also facing the challenge of capturing and engaging youth audiences. By using color and targeted messages these organizations can present an updated image. Regardless of their creed, denomination or sect, the primary means of communication for religious organizations is through print.



Most organizations today are continually trying to grow their congregations and one of the most effective ways is through print and color print at that. Of course the most common reaction is “it is too expensive to print color on our toner copiers”. In most cases that is correct. The cost to print a typical 8 page program printed with very little color can cost as much as 40 cents or more just for the image not including paper.

Many churches utilize programs that provide electronic templates for their weekly bulletins, newsletters and other printed pieces, all of which are in full color. These pre-printed “shells can cost as much as 1.00 each and then imprinted with their weekly message from their black and white copiers.

Think about it. One dot of color on a toner based unit cost the same as a full color page about .05 cents. On a RISO you only pay for the amount of ink you use on each and every page. One 8 page 8 ½ x 11 bulletin cost 40 cents in click charges on a toner based machine. On the RISO, that same bulletin may only cost .21 cents. Do the math at 500 documents per week x 52 weeks the Riso is $5,460.00 vs $10,400.00 off of the toner mfp.

It is approximately one half the cost to produce it on a RISO ComColor inkjet printer.

We haven’t even touched on the speed. Most toner machines in the vast majority of congregations have toner mfps that produce 30-70 pages per minute and have some sort of booklet making finishing on them. The RISO ComColor GD 7360 and 9650 run at speeds of 130 and 160 pages per minute. Turning around the print jobs in break neck times.


What else

Almost all churches print more than their weekly bulletins. Most have various ministries that need printed media for the participants within those groups. Many of these ministries need materials to encourage their people to participate fully within the group. Printed course materials is just one way. In addition to the common newsletter and bulletin, churches and other religious organizations are internally printing applications such as letterhead, envelopes, flyers, worship materials, fundraising and promotional materials and more.

Many churches and synagogues operate schools and daycare centers, conduct membership drives and participate in numerous community activities. All require reliable, efficient and easy-to-use printing equipment capable of producing long print runs under tight deadlines.


RISO can save your printed soul!

A RISO digital Ink jet printer like the new ComColor GD is the perfect solution. It provides you the ability to not only print your common weekly applications, but expand the use of color in all of your printed materials at a substantial savings compared to toner devices.


Rich Klein

Written by Rich Klein

Rich Klein is the Production Print Specialist for Phillips Office Solutions and has over thirty years of experience in the printing industry.

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