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Intelligent Digital Documents

Nov 6, 2017 10:36:31 AM / by

The complete elimination of paper for an office sounds like the definition of paperless; but is it a feasible expectation to eliminate all paper? Let’s see. True reduction of paper can yield strong benefits to your company, if for no other reason than to eliminate the cost to produce documents. The advantages of moving to digital documents can help companies thrive while allowing them to not simply maintain, but to better enforce their existing policies and procedures.
Intelligent Digital Documents
Every organization has documents. Digital or paper, nonetheless, these documents serve a purpose within the organization. Digital documents created from paper can utilize such tools as optical character recognition and automated routing. These utilities will enable you to quickly locate documents within a few keystrokes. By scanning electronic receipts, invoices, and documents you can easily sort, file and organize for quick retrieval especially when it matters most. Whether scanning hard or image-based electronic copies, you have created intelligent digital documents that can be found quick and easy.

These documents will enhance collaboration. Everyone working with those documents can go to the same place for retrieval in a matter of seconds. Utilizing digital communication instead of paper-based content allows more people to work with the same document, in some instances, at the same time. This process will save your business time and money.

Businesses will always be concerned with their documents. Paper-based company’s securitization relies on paper shredding and locked file cabinets. There are so many vulnerabilities with paper when you rely on those types of security. One person can eliminate a document by accident via trash, shredding, recycle bin, etc. In an even worse case, your secured documents could end up in the trash unsecured.

Digital documents can have several layers of security. Electronic security can require passwords to access documents. This will provide an audit trail of accessed documents. You will know who accessed them, when and what changes were made. Electronic platforms with encryption will enhance the level of security your business needs to guard your most valuable information.

Return On Investment (ROI) is something every business is interested in. Is the cost of going paperless worth the process? Paper is extremely consuming to work with because it requires a great deal of time and labor to organize and retrieve. Let’s not forget the distractions at the water cooler among other details while away from the task at hand. For some companies, getting an ROI can happen in a short time period. In a paperless environment, printing large amounts of hard copies can be costly. This will reduce the time your staff spends getting up from their desk to simply retrieve newly created paper or searching a file cabinet. A digital environment will eliminate the pitfalls of paper and get your return on investment to pay for itself in a very manageable period of time.

Environmentally sound practices are becoming more and more popular in businesses. The paperless trend is the most popular ones. Though it is not realistic to reduce all paper, large reductions, have been proven to improve the bottom line and adds productivity to your workplace. Getting and finding information faster, collaboration and improved security are just a few reasons to start thinking digital.

Matt Kenny

Written by Matt Kenny

Matt Kenny is a Document Management Solutions Expert, helping clients turn their paper processes into digital workflows. He works for Phillips at our Hunt Valley, Maryland office.

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