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An Interview: Document Management Help Desk Technician

Oct 21, 2013 3:55:54 PM / by

brucePhillips is proud to feature a Help Desk for phone support on those questions about printers, copiers and MFPs that you need answered right away.  Bruce has 34 years of experience, and he'll happily assist networked customers over the phone without the wait for a technician visit.  He has been our Help Desk first responder since 2011.  Below, he explains some of the more common problems experienced by customers and the capabilities of Phillips services over the phone.

Q:  Firstly, what types of assistance are you able to provide over the phone?

A:  We can handle most anything that is related to the equipment on their network as long as we can "see" the machine connected to a network.  This includes, but is not limited to, scanning, printing and various hardware problems.  In addition, we're able to assist the client on specific machine functions and processes which may include software applications they are using within the MFP.

Q:  What tools do you use to resolve problems at a customer's site while located here at Phillips?

A:  We use a remote connection software to hop on the customer's PC so we may troubleshoot network problems.  We also have volumes of technical manuals that we refer to on a regular basis.  Patience and understanding is a basic requirement.

our help desk area

Q:  If you could dispel any myth regarding copier, printers & MFPs, what would it be?

A:  Network settings in the machines do not change on their own.  Many problems are caused by changes in the client's network, causing the machine to lose connection to the network in one form or another.

Q:  What is the most common problem that customers call you regarding?  What is the best course of action for these customers?

A:  Scanning errors are pretty common problems.  The best course of action is to delicately suggest that there may have been some changes to the network that caused the link to fail.  Then, we do our best to investigate what changes may have occurred through specific tests we execute on the customer's network through the device's web-interface and various setting on the client's PC or Server.

We've got people for that!

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