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An Interview: Document Management Sales Manager

Jul 29, 2013 11:57:18 AM / by

One of our summer interns, Ana, sat down with Matthew Floyd, a Document Management Sales Manager, and got an inside look at how he oversees his staff of five sales representatives.

Q:   What is a common problem you are noticing with regards to managing a staff of 5 sales reps & why?

A:   Making sure they are practicing effective time management is the most important thing I can do. I always make sure that when they are out and about on sales calls, that they have an effective schedule and are always in the mode of creating more business opportunities for Phillips.

Q:   How would you describe your management style?

A:   Hands on and I feel that I give a lot of flexibility and understanding. I try to manage to each person’s strengths and abilities.

Q:   What is the biggest change that you see coming or would like to see in the next five years?

A:   Continuing to become a lot more solution based with customized software for individual businesses to continue to grow. With the growing technology, I also see it as becoming more “cloud” based as opposed to “premise” based solutions. Software to continue to be looked at as a service.

Q:   Are there any new products that you are excited about? What is it?

A:   Nothing in particular but just the excitement of the unknown changes to come. This industry is constantly evolving and there are constantly updates to software, making our programs more and more sophisticated. A real world example, the voice recognition software on iPhones, extremely time saving.

Q:   For a business with a limited budget, what would you suggest for them to implement first?

A:   Well, it depends on the vertical market and what they want to accomplish as a business. People would most likely first need a multifunctional hardware product, something that can copy, fax, print, scan, and then we would go from there to see what software we can get to help the workflow of the individual business.

Q:   What is one office tool that you can’t live without, NOT including your computer?

A:   I live by the motto, “LESS IS BEST”, and try to have the least amount of things in my office as possible. One of my favorite tools is the iPhone; I can do most all tasks from it. I’m constantly striving to become as “cloud” based as possible, making myself effective from almost anywhere with a simple Wi-Fi connection. I try to live out my recommendations of being efficient and saving time in my own life.

Q:   Finally, Windows or Apple?

A:   Windows, as it is used more often in the business world, but for the record, I have an iPhone.

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