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An Interview: Managed Network Services Specialist

Aug 5, 2013 12:21:09 PM / by

Another intern interviewed Tom Warren to find out what Managed Network Services is and how this service is helping organizations manage their networks and business systems.

Q:   What is a common problem you are noticing with regards to network management and why?

A:   Outsourced IT.  Out in the marketplace it is network reliability for customers as we go in.  Issues with customers IT network infrastructure and network reliability.

Q:   What is the question you get asked most often in regards to managing network services?

A:   “What do you do?” People are sometimes unsure of what Phillips can do for them so I’d have to say “How can Phillips services best help our company?”  To that question I say that we are totally flexible to the needs of the customer.  Whether it is hardware and software reselling, complete outsource IT work, or support work.

Q:   What is the biggest change that you see coming or you would like to see in the next five years?

A:   The biggest Challenge that I see is Phillips changing from a traditional copier driven company to a technology company.  As a technology company, Phillips would be providing customers with IT services and the copiers and our other traditional offerings would benefit from this relationship.

Q:   Are there any new products that you are excited about? What is it?

A:   That’s a broad answer, but I would say the new Manage Network Services.

Q:   For a business with a limited budget, what would you suggest for them to implement first?

A:   I would suggest that we perform a network analysis first.  Doing this would allow us to find out how everything works on their end, whether they have a network server or a bunch of PC’s linked together.  After that we can help them set up a timeline for their personal goals as a company for their future.  I ask, from an IT perspective, how I can get your company from A to B through implementation of technology without hiring a lot of people.

Q:   Finally, Windows or Apple?

A:   Depends on the situation.  For personal use I have an iPhone, but from a network standpoint I prefer Windows.  I use Microsoft programs, like excel, and find them easier to use with Windows.

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