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An Interview: Workplace Interiors Major Accounts Manager

May 21, 2014 8:00:29 PM / by

MikeLMike Legg has been working in the furniture division of Phillips Office Solutions for 35 years and has gained an unmeasurable amount of experience and knowledge providing the exact furniture needs of customers in the last 3 and half decades.  For the last 3 years, his main focus has been technology integration into everyday office furniture.  In this interview, he explains how he is helping customers provide technology and furniture products for the evolving workplace.

Tell us about your integrated technology specialization within the Workplace Interiors world.

I work with the Workplace Interiors Account Managers to identify solutions for visual electronic collaboration and intelligent white board products that integrate with their office environments.  We connect people to visual technologies that enhance their smaller technologies such as smart phones, tablets and laptops.

What are the most popular furnishings or items that customers request from you?

Seating with a tablet arm and power capabilities as well as conference tables that are capable of linking the portable technologies to their network or creating a teleconference presence.  We bring the technology together with furniture and environments that stimulate conversation, collaboration and visual communication.

What technology trends are you monitoring as the workplace moves into the future?

Plug-in capabilities as well as wireless applications that are being developed to enhance the power of these portable devices.  Projecting images to large monitors, touch screens that are 70" to 90" and portable as well as projection to interactive white boards.  Collaboration and communication are the newest paradigms.

Is there a new or upcoming product that you are excited to introduce to your potential clients?  How will it benefit a customer's daily office life?

We are seeing more of the product manufacturers introduce the power and data link capability to various types of furniture.  More portable devices require ports to keep them charged and linked to networks for the continuous access to web resources and cloud-based documents.  Lounge seating with power and data ports keeps everyone linked and the power supply charged for the vast amounts of information available in today's office environment.

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