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Is it time to replace your copier?

Jun 12, 2017 9:35:12 AM / by

Old office equipment So, the old copier sitting in the corner of the office is starting to make awful noises, and the repair technician has his own spot marked in your parking lot. It has been a great friend, but you have hung onto it much too long, and in doing so, technology has been running amok, and you have no idea where to begin. Never fear, grab a cup of coffee, take a deep breath, and walk with me.

Read more on the history of the office equipment.

Most of you know the ever present office copierof today, ranging in sizes and shapes from the “bread box” to the “city block” long, which do everything from copy, print, scan and fax, but also do it 2 sided, in color, stapled and folded, and can run those pages at well over 100 pages per minute. Wow! So, how are you going to choose the right one for our particular office needs?

The first step is to go online, and research the local dealers providing these services. When you find one or two, call a sales professional, and let them come see you. Research first, read blogs (like this one!), and educate yourself, so you know the right questions to ask.  A true document industry consultant should be able to walk into your office, and in a short time, help you to not only replace that dinosaur in the corner, but show you ways to use your shiny new device.  New equipment helps to accomplish a whole host of functions you never imagined while streamlining your operations and saving you time. 

If you are just starting the research process, here are a few articles that will give you a jump start:

In the end, making the right decision on the company you partner with, will dictate how happy you are with your decision for years to come. Investing in a new technology multi-functional device should be treated almost as if you were hiring a new employee. You will spend years with not only the machine, but the service company you chose. Make sure you hire the right people to boost your productivity to new levels of excellence.

Trey Phillips

Written by Trey Phillips

Trey Phillips is a Business Solutions Specialist for Phillips. Trey has 27 years in the document management industry, providing solutions to customers all over the northern Pennsylvania counties. Trey works out of our Montoursville, PA office.

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