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Kyocera Mobile Print App - Print from your phone or tablet

Aug 16, 2018 8:07:45 AM / by

Nowadays it is unusual to find someone who doesn’t have their cell phone within arm’s reach 24/7.  We use our mobile devices constantly and for all aspects of our life. They have become our all – in- one for daily activities such as calls to mom, texts to your spouse, photos of the first day of school, social media, grocery lists, just to name a few.  We literally use them for everything.  When it comes to work, most people only use their phones or tablets for email.

Have you ever walked into an office and needed to print something off of your phone?  The standard solution is to email to document or photo to someone in the office who has a computer and ask them to print it for you.  This entails getting their email address, attaching the file, and waiting for them to receive it and then send it to the MFP for you. Pretty inconvenient, right?  Not anymore!  Did you know that you can print and scan directly from your mobile device?  Yep, it’s that easy!  Kyocera’s Mobile Print Application allows you to print, scan, store, and retrieve documents, files, and photos directly from your phone or tablet. 

Kyocera’s Mobile Print Application is free to download from your phone or tables app store and is available for both Apple and Android devices.  It also does not require an IT intervention.  Once you have the app downloaded on your device the only requirement is that you are wirelessly connected to the same network as the Kyocera MFP.

The Kyocera Mobile Print App gives you the option to select your printing or scanning preferences directly on your phone or tablet. You can print web pages, stored documents or files, photos, and PDF’s, all in black and white or color.  You can print two- sided, staple, fold, and hole punch, just like you would from your computer.

The Kyocera Mobile Print Application gives you and your staff easy – on the go access to print and scan important documents and files to increase productivity and workflow.  So, if you are frequently traveling or visiting multiple office locations you no longer need to carry cumbersome files or wait until you are at your laptop or computer to have access to necessary documents.

With the Kyocera Mobile Print Application you don’t need to purchase or install additional software or download a print driver. You can easily access your saved documents, files, photos, and select your printing preferences right from your phone.

Marlena Tedesco

Written by Marlena Tedesco

Marlena is a Territory Account Manager at Phillips Office Solutions, working out of our Williamsport, PA office. She has 15 years of experience helping organizations manage documents and finding solutions for improving business processes.

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