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Let's look at processes

Jul 23, 2018 3:19:56 PM / by

With unemployment numbers at record lows where will you continue to find qualified people to help your organization grow?  More and more companies need to look at their processes to help get more out of their existing staffs.  In order to run efficiently, businesses rely upon more than employees to function, communicate, and process information. A customized Electronic Management solutions will assist your organization with the tools and services it needs to function without putting additional burden on current employees.

A Content Management Software Solution can help you improve work flow and increase employee productivity by reducing redundant tasks and assisting you create, manage and protect your documents. It will help you in 5 major areas:


  1. Complete processes effectively and consistently - Process Control automatically generates electronic checklists that outline the exact steps users must follow to successfully complete a particular procedure. For example, if a complaint is filed, human resources must follow specific protocols to resolve issues fairly while protecting confidentiality. Additionally, facilities departments must perform many detailed procedures, such as emergency evacuation drills or backup generator verification, to provide a safe work environment. Electronic Content Management software can create checklists based on an organization’s most current policies and procedures. This helps ensure that processes are executed properly each and every time.
  1. Increase management visibility - Give management real-time visibility into process performance, so decisions can be made quickly based on facts and data rather than guesswork. Detailed dashboards provide comprehensive views into the status of processes such as those surrounding the information systems that organizations rely on to operate efficiently. In the event of discrepancies in handling a customer issue or completing a billable service, management views the present status of the process, facilitating intelligent correspondence with the customer or prompt remedy of the issue
  1. Hold staff accountable - With automatic checklist assignment, organizations define who is responsible for completing work – holding employees, process owners and management accountable for quality requirements and deadlines. Users can also flag problematic checklists and tasks, allowing management to identify issues and take proactive measures such as rebalancing a workload or reordering the steps within a process. Additionally, as users complete checklists, gather user feedback and delivers it directly to key stakeholders who can leverage the suggestions to foster continuous process improvement.
  1. Increase efficiency without compromising quality - Ensure that processes are completed on time while meeting an expected standard of quality. The solution is comprehensive and intuitive, requiring minimal discovery and user training. And because the solution can be rapidly deployed, organizations begin realizing the benefits of ECM immediately.


A flexible solution ECM Solution such as, OnBase from Hyland Checklists for Process Control can be used in any industry that requires individuals to follow procedural steps – from retail to healthcare to manufacturing and more. Start in one department and leverage your solution across the enterprise as your time, goals and budget permit.  You can continue the expensive, time consuming efforts of looking and trying to hire administrative positions or you can help your existing team become more productive .


Rick Lewis

Written by Rick Lewis

I have over 20 years of management experience in the Office Products Industry of which 10 years have been with Phillips .I have recently rejoined Phillips Office Solutions as the Tri-State Regional Sales Manager for the Document Management Division working out of the Hagerstown Branch. Phillips' Hagerstown Branch covers Southern PA-Western MD and the Panhandle of WV.

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