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5 Ways To Make Your Kyocera Work For You

May 2, 2018 9:27:00 AM / by

The majority of folks have become well versed in the basic features of your Kyocera copier.  Printing, copying, scanning, and faxing have become the norm for your past few business machines. Some freshened up items have been added over the years such as better resolution, a customizable home screen, faster processing, etc.  If you search a little further though, there are a ton of new features to make your workday less stressful.  Here, we will touch base on some of the more prominent time savers. 

make your Kyocera work for you.

  1. Fax Forwarding- While technology has moved toward scanning, faxing is still a vital part of business for many industries. The main issue with faxing is that they come in randomly most of the time. Fax forwarding allows you to send them directly to a file on your computer or email address.  You receive the fax at your desk, you choose where it goes, and you save the cost of each printout.  You can also trash those unwanted timeshare deals or menus! 
  1. Private Print- It has happened to all of us. You print something from your desk, get distracted, and end up losing your print job to the stack of papers sitting next to the copier.  With private print, your Kyocera will store your print job until you are ready to collect it.  From the Kyocera print driver, you can assign an access code to your print job(s). Use that access code at the machine and all of your stored jobs will print! This is also beneficial for any personal or secure documents.
  1. Kyocera Mobile Print- If you have an iPhone (or iPad) connected to your office network, Apple has already provided you with AirPrint. AirPrint allows you to print directly from your Apple mobile device to your Kyocera.  But, what if you don’t use Apple products?  Kyocera provides a free app in the google play store allowing you to have the same printing capability across all mobile devices.  You are able to print documents, photos, web pages, etc.  What makes this app great is that you can transmit items the other way as well.  If you load your pages into the top document feeder on the Kyocera, you can scan and store your items on your phone or tablet.  To loop back and touch base for Apple users, this app is free in the Apple Play Store as well.
  1. Print Audit- While Print Audit isn’t a Kyocera offering, it is a free Phillips Office Solutions offering. And it is well worth it if you aren’t using it yet.  One of the worst feelings pertaining to copiers is realizing you are out of toner when it is too late.  This is a pretty common occurrence that can be eliminated with Print Audit. The old process before Print Audit… You are printing a job when the machine warns you that one of the toners is low.  At this point, you would have called the 1-800 number to order your toner or ordered it online.  New process with Print Audit… You are printing a job when the machine warns you that one of your toners is low.  Now, the Print Audit program will automatically send an alert to us.  Toner is sent out without you having to do any additional work.  No wasting time.  No forgetting.  All done behind the scenes.  It also transmits all print counts for those receiving emails to fill out.
  1. PinPoint Scan 3- While the majority of our machines are set up to help you scan to a folder or an email address, this low cost application takes it to another level. If you use Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, or a set of files on a server, PinPoint Scan 3 can root directly into it.  Have you set up separate folders to organize your files?  Not a problem!  You can search and place your document in any of your files.  If we use Google Drive as an example; your personalized set up will look the same on both your PC and Kyocera.  With cloud based workplaces becoming more common, this app will make life much easier.
Jeremy Hall

Written by Jeremy Hall

Jeremy Hall is our State College region account manager. He has a 17 year old son and a wife whom he married a little over a year ago. You can catch him at various concerts and sporting events throughout the year!

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