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No More Paper = No More Stress

Aug 13, 2015 11:39:44 AM / by

files1.jpgEvery business has and uses paper. Tons of paper is processed and pushed through organizations on a regular basis in the form of “paperwork”. However, the term “paperwork” does not mean you need to waste all of that paper. By utilizing Document Management, programs can be implemented to convert, protect, and destroy your documents to cut down on the physical stacks of paper business’s actually have. In fact, having recently learned about these tools, it sounds crazy that more organizations have not gone paperless yet because of all the new technology.

It may seem like the process of going paperless is a hassle because your system of storing files has been working for so many years. While change can be difficult for people, it’s typically done to make your life easier. I say this, because I recently experienced a situation in which this was the case. When I am not interning, I help a local insurance business with administrative tasks, which usually includes filing paperwork. Filing is a tedious task because you need to put every paper and every file back in the right place. This process requires time, space, and even a little bit of grunt work which can become overwhelming and stressful over time.

During my time at Phillips Office Solutions, I have learned how using OnBase by Hyland, an ECM (Enterprise Content Management) software solution, reduces time on receptive and time consuming tasks. This software helps you to centralize your important business content in one secure location. In addition to OnBase, Phillips provides tools and services that help organizations convert to paperless. Phillips offers all the equipment you need, such as, printers, copiers, MFPs; Secure Storage Facilities; Scan on Demand services; Secure Document Destruction; Managed Network Services; a Help Desk (aka I.T.) and more to our customers. A document goes through a whole lifecycle. A total output strategy recognizes the different aspects of this life cycle in different companies, and seeks to provide a unique solution to each business. Phillips Office Solutions does not change the way a business runs, but instead helps it to be more efficient by applying these solutions.



By: Brittney Rineer

About Brittney: This summer I am interning with Phillips in the Marketing Department with Summer and Michael. I am a student at Penn State University, and this coming semester I will be a junior. I am majoring in Public Relations/Advertising.



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