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Office Trends in 2013

Feb 28, 2013 12:02:21 PM / by

I walked around the office here at Phillips Office Solutions and asked for some trends that our employees see changing in the workplace in 2013. Here is what I found.

1)   More portable devices:Trends in the office for 2013
Businesses are usually slower in embracing new technology than consumers, but expect more portable devices to enter the workplace, especially for sales and users on the go.

2)   Collaborative Work Spaces:
Spaces where groups of employees can collaborate on a project will see an increase.   Integrated technology solutions in these spaces will also help these employees be more productive.

3)   Health and Wellness Initiatives:
More employers will be encouraging employees to stay active and healthy.  Many are already doing this by offering discounts for gym memberships, fitness classes and wellness coaches. An additional trend is installing adjustable height desks for employees, giving employees the option to sit or stand during the day.

4)   Social Media:
A trend that is on the rise, we will see this continue as more business market on social media. Which sites will be big this year? We will wait and see.

5)   More emails, Less phone calls:
I already receive more emails than phone calls and I don't expect this to change.  Phillips also offers a technology solution that allows multiple users to collaborate on one document and share ideas in a discussion format.

6)    No Windows 8
In recent news, Windows 8 hasn’t been scoring big with IT departments. It looks nice for tablets and phones, but I don’t expect businesses to upgrade internal hardware to this version of the popular operating system. Many will probably wait for Windows 9 or “upgrade” to Windows 7.

7)   Fax Machines:
These take me back to the days of dial-up internet and that digital crunching sound as the modem tried to connect. I don't expect many business to purchase stand alone Fax machines. With today's digital technology and ease of sending a document directly to a users inbox, this device seems to be on its way out.

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Michael Brandt

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