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How to Print a Mail Merged Booklet or Newsletter (MAC version)

Nov 19, 2014 11:51:11 AM / by

This is an overview of the steps needed to print a Multi Page newsletter with mail merged addresses.  The first set of steps below, assume you know how to progress to the next step. A full set of instructions is below.  This will help you print a mail merge booklet from a Mac.

Software used: Excel, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Acrobat (not reader), MAC 10.9

  1. Create a large Mail Merged PDF
    1. Use InDesign's Data merge and "Export to PDF" command to create a Mnewsletter0001.pngulit Page PDF. Example: 8 page booklet X 1000 addresses =  8000 pages.
  2. Split the large PDF into Sequential Single PDFs
    1. Using Acrobat Split Document tool, split the large PDF into multiple number documents. Note: Each single booklet will be number sequentially.
  3. Use CUPS admin panel to change the default settings of your printer
    1. CUPS is found by using "http://localhost:631/" Note: I only had to change booklet Mode to On and Booklet fold then save your changes.
  4. Open System Preferences > Print Que for your printer
    1. Drag all your Files to the print Que window to print the documents.

There is an easier way. If you upgrade your office equipment with a EFI Fiery - you can use this software to do the mail merge for you right on the printer.


Lets go through these steps in detail:

Creating The mail merged PDF

  1. Using InDesign layout the pages for the newsletter
    1. If you do not know how to use Adobe InDesign there are a number of tutorials out there. You can set up your document do do the mail merge on any page.
  2. I used the Date Merge to do the mail merge.
    1. I used the option to "Export to PDF" rather than create a new InDesign file. This gives you a multi page PDF .
    2. Export to PDF is under the same menu where you Select a data source. This step will save your mail merge as one large PDF.

Split the large PDF into Sequential Single PDFs

  1. Open this document in Adobe Acrobat
    1. Use the Tools > "Split Document" to split the file into multiple PDFs based on the original number of pages.
  2. You will now have a folder with a PDF for each person in your mail merge.

Change the Default Settings on your Office Printer

For this step you need to change your default settings on your printer. Use the settings you use to print a single booklet.

  1. On your MAC open the CUPS administrative panel. Use a browser and go to "http://localhost:631/"
    1. Find your printer and change your settings to print a booklet. - You will need to change this back after you print your mail merge.
    2. I only had to turn on Booklet mode and booklet fold.
    3. Save the settings

Print all the single booklets

  1. Open your System Preferences > Printer & Scanners
    1. Open the Print Que for your printer
  2. Using Finder select the number PDFs and drag them to the print Que window. You may want to print one or two as a test.
  3. Each file will print

Good luck.

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