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Reduce paper waste from your office equipment

Sep 17, 2013 2:55:19 PM / by

How many times have you printed something and then by the time you walk to the printer, your print job is buried in the pile of other prints or worse stashed in the "Unclaimed Prints" box? It has happened to me many times.

Using Follow me printing to reduce paper waste

At Phillips, we like to use the technology we sell to better learn how the technology can help our clients. We recently introduced a new technology to our employees; PaperCut - Follow Me solution is a badge scanner that is connected to all our office equipment. Print jobs are stored in the machine until the employee swipes his or her badge at the device. (Giving us another use for carrying around our badge.) Once the user is authenticated, the printer will print their job or allow them to select which job they want to print.

This new technology allows Phillips to better manage our printing and reduce paper waste from all our office equipment. We can also produce reports on which areas of our organization are producing the most prints and assign resources accordingly.

This software is also scalable, so it works for networks of all sizes. Fully supports all major operating systems including mixed environments. A solution similar to ours takes 1-3 days to install and train. We have also noticed that most clients have noticed a return on their investment within 3-6 months.

This is the newest addition to our continued Green Initiatives

PS. This system currently does not work with anyone printing from a Mac. Our professional service team is currently working on a solution.

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