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Replace Your Workstation with a Walkstation

Apr 10, 2013 3:35:30 PM / by

Recently, our society has emphasized getting healthy in every way from the constant stream of new dieting & exercise tips and tricks on television to the First Lady's "Let's Move!" program to reverse the trend in childhood obesity.  Now, our vendors, and Steelcase specifically, are bringing healthy living to office life every day.

Healthy office solutionsAlmost everyone has seen the pictures of employees that have replaced their typical desk chair with an exercise ball.  Although this idea is convenient for those that enjoy sitting (while adding some health benefits to office life), there are some shocking statistics and health warnings for those that spend most of the day being sedentary (which includes those nifty exercise balls). 

In an article published by the York Daily Record, James Levine, an endocrinologist from the Mayo Clinic, says that in 2012 alone, 1,300 peer-reviewed studies revealed sedentariness links to heart disease, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and other negative health effects.  Levine says, "Even if one does go to the gym three times a day, and if you make your (recommended) 10,000 steps at the gym, the long periods of sedentariness that we experience at work are not offset by those intermediary, scattered episode of gym-going."

SwalkWalkstationteelcase answers the sedentary concerns of office life with the Walkstation, an integrated combination of a height-adjustable working surface and a low-speed commercial grade treadmill.  This unique design allows the user to walk comfortably (with a maximum speed of 2 mph), burn a few calories and be productive at work.  Many users even report feeling generally healthier after a long work day opposed to those who sit all day.

The Walkstation features a display console showing the speed, calories burned as well as the time and distance walked which can be made visible or hidden under the table top.  Don't worry about noise; Steelcase has designed a whisper-quiet motor for home or office environments.


steelcase walkstation

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