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The role of Enterprise Content Management in Education

Jan 21, 2015 8:43:13 AM / by

In the world of Document Management, ECM or Enterprise Content Management is becoming more and more important for higher educational facilities. ECM is composed of three categories: web, collaborative, and transactional content management. Software, like OnBase by Hyland, is used to build custom solutions to manage, index, and improve your document processes.

In the article "Improve business operations strategically through enterprise content management"  I found a great Q&A about how a strong ECM solution can make a positive impact on student success. Linda Ding, author and Education Program Strategist for an international ECM company, addresses what role ECM will play, how it will evolve, how it can create savings, and common results from those already utilizing it. Without getting into too much detail, I wanted to share the following key points with you.

1) “…ECM allows institutions to maintain academic records according to different regulations.” Student information does not need to sit in individual content silos. Keep all data in one location – grades, tuition, HR files, credits, etc. “As academic advisors give students advice to help them achieve their goals, it helps to have all the information in one comprehensive package.”

2) By having an electronic database of student’s information accessible via web and mobile applications, academic faculty have more flexibility to meet with their students. Rather than make a student come into an academic office for help, advisors can go to them. “…Academic officers, armed with all of a student’s records on a tablet or phone, can bring a mobile device and meet where it is most convenient for the student.”

3) “Successful institutions are using a service oriented mindset to achieve that core mission of preparing students for post-graduation life.” Younger generations have grown accustomed to immediate feedback. By utilizing an ECM solution, those seeking records or transcripts can easily and quickly obtain information.

I hope that you found this material helpful as you work toward creating more efficient processes within your organization.

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