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Sharp's New Aquos Board

May 3, 2013 4:30:20 AM / by

The new demo floor at Phillips has truly gotten a face lift!  Since we've expanded our Document Services area and print shop, we recently completed the renovation and expansion of our technology demonstration floor.  One of the many upgrades to our demo floor was the addition of the Sharp Aquos board.  This technology is the most interactive office tool I've had the pleasure of using in person.  It's perfect for most settings like the classroom and any type of office, and the uses seem endless!  To me, the Aquos board is the inevitable evolution in teaching and meeting tools.  Chalkboards were replaced by white board, and soon enough those dry erase boards will be replaced by smarter technology like the Sharp Aquos board.  One of the best things about the Aquos board is the scope of capabilities that go far beyond a classroom.

We know that learning doesn’t stop in the classroom.  The Aquos board is the perfect tool for interfacing with others, whether you are using it for a presentation, instructional seminar for co-workers, collaboration or a meeting between associates.  As an spectator, just watching others use the board makes me feel more in tune with what is happening in a particular cooperative scenario.

Imagine being able to share work and notes between offices in different towns or states.  You can hold a meeting for team members located across the world through the Aquos technology.  It allows you to create pictures, notes, graphs and information that is able to be shared over the internet (and saved to the internal computer or flash drive), without actually having to be in the same room as the others.  You can check out the key features of the Aquos board for yourself on Sharp's website.

Check out the video that Sharp has produced to demonstrate this new technology.  Although the video is pretty neat, it doesn’t do this thing near enough justice.  If you want to see a first-hand demonstration of this innovative tech, call Phillips at 1-800-538-7500!

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