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The highly mobile world we live in.

Dec 29, 2017 9:04:22 AM / by

Look around you, and all you see are people staring at their mobile devices. Whether it is young, or older people,GoogleApps.jpg we have all become so conditioned to our little mobile world, that we sometimes miss what is going on around us. If the present is mobile computing and communication in our personal lives, it follows logically that we should be able to extend and leverage these same technologies in our work lives.

Many of us have hopped on the Google bandwagon, and are using Gmail, Google Drive and many of the other ubiquitous Google offerings to communicate, store information and collaborate. Even schools and colleges are using Google applications to allow classroom collaboration and communication between teachers and students. So, if we have adopted this magnificent world of cloud-based communication and collaboration, it only follows that we should be able to leverage our capabilities from wherever we are, whenever we like, including from the front panel of our office MFP.

GoogleConnector.jpgEnter the Kyocera Google Connector for connected, HyPAS enabled, Kyocera MFP’s. Imagine walking up to the MFP panel, logging directly into your personal Google account, and being able to access your email, your Google Calendar, and your Google Drive account, all in one place. Being able to instantly retrieve and print documents from your Google Drive folders, days, weeks, or months of your Google Calendar and emails from your Gmail account right on the spot is simply amazing.

Furthermore, you can not only print your email, but compose, attach scanned documents, and send an email right from the front panel. You can add documents to your Google Drive, create new folders for them, and put scanned images anywhere you like. On top of all this wizardry, the Kyocera MFP can natively be set up as a Google Cloud Print Printer, so while you are rushing around, staring at your handheld gadgets, or sitting at home collaborating in your Google Drive account, you have the ability to print your work directly to the connected Kyocera MFP in your office, to pick up when you arrive. Mind-boggling, isn’t it?

Now that you know the wonders of these futuristic/fantastic pieces of office machinery, the remaining question is where do I get one right now? www.buyphillips.com is the only place you need look for fast, professional and outstanding sales, service and support.

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Trey Phillips

Written by Trey Phillips

Trey Phillips is a Business Solutions Specialist for Phillips. Trey has 27 years in the document management industry, providing solutions to customers all over the northern Pennsylvania counties. Trey works out of our Montoursville, PA office.

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