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Top 3 ways to reduce unclaimed prints

Apr 11, 2017 10:22:21 AM / by

Paper isn’t cheap, currently $30 a case, so wasting paper on unclaimed prints is expensive. Most of the time the causes of unclaimed prints, is employees who print something, then forget to pick up the prints.  Another cause is when an employee cleans out the tray, tossing all the unclaimed prints in the trash.

How do you reduce the waste from unclaimed prints and wasteful printing? We’ve put together the top 3 ways to reduce wasteful printing and paper consumption in your office.


Reduce paper with multiple outpt trays#3 - Output Trays

For most MFPs (multi-function printers)  you can add a finishing unit with multiple output trays. Then when a user prints, the print out is directed to their or their department's tray. This option does require a multi-tray finisher. This option also gives you a visual, to see which departments or employees are creating a lot of prints.


  • Employees/Departments have specific output trays to collect their print jobs
  • A visual representation of who is generating the most unclaimed prints
  • Quickly grab your stack of prints.



  • Requires a multi tray output finisher. This may limit other finishing options.
  • Limited by the number of trays on a finisher. You may have more departments than trays.
  • Trays have limited space. They can fill up quickly.
  • Print jobs can still be lost in a pile of others printing.



#2 - Follow Me Printing

follow me printing to reduce paper wasteIn many offices, employees  carry a badge that gives them access to various parts of the building. Employees can  use that badge to release print jobs from any printer in the network. Instead of printing directly to one machine or another, users print to the network. To claim their print jobs, the user walks up to any device, scans their badge (or logs into the device) and then can print out any of the jobs in their queue. For more on Follow me printing - Reduce Paper Waste on you office equipment




  • Reduces wasted or unclaimed print outs.
  • All employees can securely print documents
  • Secure printing. Jobs are only printed when you are at the machine
  • If one machine is busy, another device can be used.



  • You need to have a network printer – Inkjet printers or direct printing devices will not work
  • Need a badge, but you can also log into the device with your network password.
  • Your IT or service provide needs to set this up and you will need to ensure your devices have badge scanners.



#1 - Digital Workflows

Print is still one of the main forms businesses use to share information. From sales proposals, invoices and even forms, business are still producing printed document to handle processes. These paper process can be replaced by digital workflows and eliminate the paper processes all together. These processes can be simple or complex and designed to match your paper processes, but can improve employee productivity.



  • This can greatly reduce the amount of printing required in your processes.
  • Save time distributing and tracking documents
  • Faster approval for invoices - from days down to minutes.



  • Requires an investment to set up a system to handle the digital workflows.
  • Your paper processes will need to be mapped to a digital process
  • Archived or currently stored  hard copy files may need to be converted to digital to be indexed for access in the workflows


By reducing the amount of unclaimed prints in your office, you will impact your bottom line almost immediately. Reducing the costs for paper, will reduce the  costs for other supplies like toner, staples and even machine service. We've used these solutions to various degrees over the past few years and they helped us reduced our paper waste and provided increased security. For more information on how we did this - Check out this post Two ways we reduced our printing expenses.

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