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Total Output Strategy

Nov 24, 2014 8:14:06 AM / by

paper flowersMuch like a plant, a document goes through a lifecycle that begins with life and creation and ends with dormancy and inactivity. But how do you manage your garden of documents? How do you sift through the “weeds”, “volunteer foliage”, and “cultivated plants” in order to keep your company productive, efficient, and low-cost? The five steps below are a great foundation for doing just this.

1. Assess. An analysis should be made about who, what, where, and how documents are moving through your workplace. Is your hardware being over or underused? What type of environmental impact are you making? What are your estimated expenses? These are a few of the questions needed to determine the design of your solution.

2. Design. Every company is different. Therefore, one solution does not fit all. Based on the outcomes of your assessment, a customized plan is drawn up to get the most out of your document's lifecycle.

3. Implement. It’s one thing to come up with the plan. It’s a completely different story to actually get your hands in the dirt and start doing it. This key moment, however, is crucial to the success of all your hard work!

4. Manage. You must continue to water and maintain your garden if you want it to last. Ergo, once your design has been implemented into the company, continue to asses and retain good practices.

5. Optimize. The workplace is an ever-changing environment. Get the most from your document’s life by adjusting to your company’s needs. Do you need to accommodate changing work habits by introducing mobile printing? Are you going to move a division to electronic processing? There is always room for improvement!

By following these steps, Phillips, as a company has seen over 70% reduction in paper output over 26 months. We’ve significantly optimized our printer and MFP fleet, kept documents from getting lost, and improved our file submission/retrieval capabilities for Sales and Management. Like a flourishing garden, a Total Output Strategy keeps your company efficient and functioning at top levels!

For more information on how Phillips can assist your company with a Total Output Strategy, please contact (800) 538-7500 or email docmgt@buyphillips.com.

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Summer Walter

Written by Summer Walter

Summer Walter is a Marketing Coordinator at Phillips Office Solutions. Her topics of interest include: workplace interior trends and products, event planning, and PR. She also enjoys sharing interesting ideas, tips, and studies about workpalce solutions.

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