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Two Ways We Reduced Our Paper Usage and Printing Expenses

May 4, 2016 11:20:59 AM / by

paper.jpgAccording to the Paperless Project ( paperlessproject.com), the average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper each year and 45% is thrown away by the end of the day. We rely on paper, but how can we minimize our dependence on it and ultimately reduce our consumption of it?

We addressed this challenge at Phillips Office Solutions a few years ago using two phases. Any organization can use this powerful approach to knock down paper usage and printing expenses.

Our first phase included the implementation of an OnBase ECM solution for our lease processing and contract management group. The goal was to reduce paper dependency and decrease manual work in that area. At the time, lease processing was cumbersome and burdened with a high volume of paper. Various forms were required such as documentation, authorization forms, approvals and more. Following the implementation of OnBase, our paper usage was reduced by 49.6%. Since this time, we have expanded OnBase into other areas of our business further reducing paper consumption and printing. In addition to the benefits of less paper and less printing cost, OnBase provides additional benefits. We are now able to more efficiently capture, process, store, locate, integrate and manage our documents and information. Ultimately the addition of ECM into our business resulted in faster audits with less hassle, improved cash flow, improved customer service, quicker processing time, an audit trail and secure storage for all of our important documents.

logo-papercut-ng1.pngIn order to reduce our paper usage and printing expenses further, we began our second phase by implementing a second software product called PaperCut. While OnBase automated our processes and reduced our dependence on paper, the need to print documents still existed in our organization. PaperCut requires a user to enter a code or swipe a proximity badge to access an MFP or release print jobs stored in the queue. This promotes positive printing behavior, provides confidentiality, allows end users to print to any device on the network and drastically reduces wasted prints. The typical office challenge of unclaimed prints and commingled documents is eliminated. Following implementation of phase two, we reduced our paper usage by an additional 23.8%. In relation to printing cost, the cost was diminished in similar percentages.

According to a survey by AIIM, “business at the speed of paper will not be acceptable in five years time”.

Don’t be left behind. Free yourself from the burden of heavy paper usage and printing expenses and save some trees! For more information on how you can implement our two phase approach to reducing paper and printing expenses, contact us today to learn more.

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Jennifer Lieb

Written by Jennifer Lieb

Jennifer Lieb is an ECM Account Executive at Phillips Office Solutions. She has over 12 years of experience helping organizations manage information and she excels at diagnosing and solving complex business processes. A native Texan, wife, mother of three, loves cooking, clean eating and red wine.

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