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Unlock the Information Within Your School District

Apr 11, 2016 3:16:37 PM / by

It is no unlock.jpgsecret that school districts are required to maintain a large amount of documentation for various departments, students and employees.  Not to mention that these documents must be stored and managed according to numerous local, state and federal regulations.  Documents pertaining to many topics may be stored in boxes, file cabinets or digitally via network folders.  Critical data can also be found in the school’s ERP system or other departmental software systems.  Additionally, data can be unstructured and found in personal spreadsheets or locally stored digital documents and file notes.  Due to the nature of the disparate information, most school districts have information locked away in different areas creating an inefficient “silo effect” that restricts efficient document access and storage.

An Enterprise Content Management system, such as OnBase by Hyland, will help you unlock the information found in these isolated “silos”.  This in turn allows data to be easily shared, stored and routine tasks to be automated and routed appropriately.  An ECM system creates one secure repository to store, access and manage information.

Here are a few ways that ECM can create efficiencies within some of your important departments and processes:

Business Department

ECM can automate your financial processes such as Purchasing and Accounts Payable.  Documents can be captured and routed through the proper channels for approval using pre-defined rules.  All related information can be associated so users will be able to easily view all documents pertaining to a specific transaction.

Human Resources

Software such as OnBase by Hyland can help streamline processes and eliminate redundant tasks or duplicate data entry for onboarding, offboarding, personal change requests, tracking continuing education credits and the creation and storage of digital forms.  As a bonus, after being created, digital forms can be routed to the appropriate person for processing and alert others if additional tasks are required or if documents are missing.

Contracts Management

With an ECM system, it is possible to manage the entire contracts management process.  The contract can be created, revised, approved, and stored within the system.  Users can assign an alert so the contract owner will be notified prior to the end of the term.

Student Records and Special Education

A central repository for student records can be created with an ECM system and accessed directly from the existing student information system.  Access to specific documents can be granted to the appropriate people within the district while complying with HIPAA and FERPA regulations.  Using this method, teachers, administrators, nurses, and parents have access to only the records in which they are granted permissions to view.

Board and Administration

With instant access to school records, district personnel can quickly and easily accommodate public requests for board agendas and minutes, answer right to know requests or allow the community self-service access to public records securely via the web.

An ECM system can manage documents, track information and streamline processes for any department within your district.  In addition to the ones listed above, ECM can be used effectively in Transportation, Facilities Management, School Nutrition programs, and more.  Use your current storage space for more valuable purposes and automate processes while protecting students and employees by securely managing your documents and providing improved communication internally and externally.

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Jennifer Lieb

Written by Jennifer Lieb

Jennifer Lieb is an ECM Account Executive at Phillips Office Solutions. She has over 12 years of experience helping organizations manage information and she excels at diagnosing and solving complex business processes. A native Texan, wife, mother of three, loves cooking, clean eating and red wine.

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